Checklist for Laptop Computers

(NOTE:  Please allot sufficient time to obtain and prepare laptops)

  1. Get keys from Reserve Book Room.

  2. 36 laptop units are available.  18 are stored inside the cart in 222.  18 more are stored inside the cart in 222A

  3. Unlock the cart.

  4. DISCONNECT INDIVIDUAL HOOKUP and remove each laptop unit slowly and carefully.

  5. Mice are stored in the file cabinets. Connect the mouse to the back of the laptop for users who prefer a mouse to a touchpad.

  6. Remote, wireless keyboard is stored in the bottom of the laptop cart in 222 and 222A.

  7. Users should log in to laptops using their own net ID and password.

  8. After long period of inactivity, computer will go into Sleep Mode. Simply hit the power button to wake it up.


(NOTE:  Please allot sufficient time to properly close and store laptops.)

  1. Close all active windows. Shut off the computer by going to the START menu at the bottom of the left hand corner of the computer. Choose Shut Down from the drop down menu options. Wait until the computer is completely turned off before closing the laptop lid.

  2. Return laptop to cart in 222 or in 222A. Reconnect individual hookups to port on back of laptop unit. Laptops must be placed into slot with the front of the computer facing inward and the back of the computer facing outward.

  3. Store the mice in the file cabinet and wireless keyboard in laptop cart.

  4. Before leaving facility, please make sure laptop storage cart is locked and plugged in for recharging.

  5. Return keys to Reserve Book Room.