Library Classroom Operating Procedures


  1. Restart the computer if you are the first person of the day to use the room.
  2. Log into the computer using the appropriate NET ID. If you are unsuccessful in your attempt to log in, check to make sure the CAPS LOCK is not on. If you are still unable to log in, reboot the computer or contact the IRIS Department DCC at 1-6640.
  3. After you have successfully logged in, turn on the projector. Projector and computer power controls are located on a wall-mounted panel on the south wall. Speaker volume is also controlled from the panel. The A/V Mute button in the lower right corner enables you to temporarily black out the screen. You can restore the screen view by pressing the button again
  4. Once you are logged in, the SMART Board will start automatically.

Control Panel


Laptop A/V Connections - each instruction station is equipped with laptop connecting cables. The system will automatically sense when a laptop is connected and override any other view.

Video, S-Video - Cable and jacks for for Video and S-Video connections are available. Be sure to choose the appropriate setting from the wall panel.

Wireless Mouse - Can be used from any point in the facility. The trigger allows you to place the cursor. After releasing the trigger, you can use normal left- and right-click functions. Please be sure to put it back into the recharging cradle at the end of your session.

Wireless Keyboard - Stored in the bottom of the laptop cart. Use the mouse to place the cursor, then use the keyboard for entering text.


  1. Log off the computer and turn the projector off using the Control Panel. Please do not shut down the computer.
  2. Return wireless mouse to recharging cradle.  Return wireless keyboard to laptop cart.
  3. Return all chairs and tables to the original configuration. Turn off lights and close the door.

If you experience any problems while opening and setting up a library classroom, please refer to the Emergency List of Phone Numbers available in the facility.

Library Instructional Facilities Policy