Information Literacy

"Integrating Information Literacy into the Academic Curriculum" - Article from the ECAR (Educause Center for Applied Research Bulletin of August 31, 2004

ACRL Recommended Readings for Librarians New to Instruction

CIPA Recommended Readings for Librarians

ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education - Standards, performance indicators and outcomes established by ACRL

ACRL Information Literacy in the Disciplines - Discipline-specific standards and resources

Bibliography on Information Literacy in Academia - Articles published in Library and Information Science journals relevant to Information Literacy Instruction.

Guidelines for Instruction Programs in Academic Libraries - Recommended guidelines to assist academic and research librarians on how to develop effective library instruction programs

Gateway for Information Literacy - Information Literacy resources focused on improving the teaching, learning, and research role of the higher education community.

Handbook for Information Literacy Teaching - Covers key topics such as Lesson Planning, Delivery and Evaluation and also includes examples of teaching materials.

TLT Group's Information Literacy Resources - The TLT Group's mission is to motivate and enable institutions and individuals to improve teaching and learning with technology, while helping them cope with continual change.