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Keyword Searching

All databases provide keyword searching. When you perform a keyword search, you are actually asking the computer to scan all words in a record, including the title, abstract, author, and other fields.

If you searched ND Catalog for the word Shillelagh, for example, the computer would have scanned all words in the catalog record and retrieved results similar to the ones below. Many of the results include the word "shillelagh" in the title but that is not the case for The place-names of co. Wicklow. When you open up the Details tab, you can see that "Shillelagh" appears there in the Contents.

Keywords are everyday terms used to describe a topic and in many cases will retrieve results that are right on target. However, sometimes keywords do not produce the most effective results. You will learn more about different search types for all databases later in this module.

image of catalog record details