Information Literacy Subcommittee
of the
University Committee on the First Year of Studies

students in library classroom

Locating, retrieving, analyzing, and using information is an important part of the educational experience in the 21st century.  With this in mind, the Information Literacy Subcommittee has recommended the following Information Literacy Learning Objectives for First Year Students at the University of Notre Dame:


  1. Locate the main library and library branches related to their studies.

  2. Obtain general library assistance (Information Desk, Ask-a-Librarian, subject librarians).

  3. Manage library resources with My Account, Interlibrary Loan, and RefWorks.

  4. Create and refine an effective search strategy using controlled vocabulary and Boolean operators.

  5. Locate background information using appropriate reference sources.

  6. Find books or other resources on a given topic using the online catalog.

  7. Locate journal articles, data, or other media (as needed) on a given topic by using online databases.

  8. Distinguish between scholarly and popular sources.

  9. Evaluate the credibility of a source (currency, accuracy, content, appropriateness, and objectivity).

  10. Use information ethically and legally in accordance with copyright and intellectual property laws.

Information Literacy Learning Objectives for First Year Students

Committee Members:

Marya Lieberman (Chemistry / Biochemistry) Holly Martin ( Academic Advisor, First Year of Studies) Connie Mick (Asst. Director, University Writing Program) Leslie Morgan (First Year Experience Librarian)
Kevin Rooney (Academic Advisor, First Year of Studies) Chuck Rosenberg (Art, Art History, & Design) Cheri Smith, chair (Library Coordinator for Instructional Services)