About Library Instruction

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Librarians teach library and information seeking skills to all Notre Dame students and employees at the Reference Desks, in one-on-one consultations and in classrooms. Undergraduate learning objectives focus on enabling students to succeed at library research. Contact the Hesburgh Library Reference Desk (631-6258 or asklib@nd.edu) for information on topics that can be covered in library instruction sessions.

Pot of Gold is an interactive information literacy tutorial. It is especially useful for new students but can be accessed and used by anybody who is interested. The tutorial offers immediate feedback to make learning more effective and engaging. Many Writing and Rhetoric instructors require completion of the tutorial before the class attends a library instruction session.

Schedule library instruction for First Year of Studies classes by completing the University Writing Program - First Year of Studies Instruction Request Form.

Schedule any other library instruction sessions for your class or group by completing the Instruction Request Form.

Instruction sessions should be scheduled at least one week in advance to allow sufficient time for dialogue between faculty and librarians.

The Hesburgh Library instructional facilities are equipped with wireless laptops for hands-on sessions. Library instruction classes can also be offered in your classroom or in other locations in Hesburgh, such as Special Collections or the Medieval Institute Library. students in library classroom
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Many classes are taught by members of the Information, Research, and Instructional Services Department. Advanced and/or in-depth subject classes are taught by subject specialists, who can also create course guides for your classes.

Tours and Workshops are also available to all Notre Dame employees and students throughout the school year. Library building tours are usually offered at the beginning of each school year, and our Virtual Tour is available year round! statue of fr hesburgh and fr joyce Information for Visitors
Tours and library instruction sessions for non-Notre Dame affiliated groups can be arranged by contacting the Reference Desk at (574) 631-6258 or asklib@nd.edu). Due to demands on our instructional facilities, hands-on sessions for visitors are only available when Notre Dame classes are out of session.