Senior Thesis Camp

During fall break, October 21-25, 2013, the Hesburgh Libraries proudly offers a program co-sponsored with the University Writing Center to help undergraduate scholars focus on their own research and writing. Please read below for more information and how to register for the workshops being planned.

The SeniorThesis Camp is designed to assist senior level students who are working toward completion of their senior thesis or project. The camp can connect with seniors at all stages of their research and writing. Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • jumpstart or move forward in their research and writing process
  • work in dedicated spaces in the Hesburgh Library
  • consult with their subject librarians
  • consult with University Writing Center tutors about their work
  • engage with colleagues in their own and other undergraduate programs to learn best practices from peers
  • form communities of practice to engage in the camp process after its conclusion

Our program will help you establish a framework for writing and research that will enable you to work effectively. Through informal conversations and short discussions, you will also develop a sense of community with other students. Each day the camp will provide morning and afternoon snacks, pepared lunches and coffee and water throughout the day.

Enrollment is free. Registration is required and availability is limited.

Registration for Senior Thesis Camp

Fall 2013 Schedule and Information- PDF copy of the background material and schedule. Arrive by 8:30am to pick up breakfast snack and prepare for goal setting.


Prior years' workshops

Spring 2013 Presenter Listing

More information/Fall 2012 Schedule - Lunches served ca. 12:30pm. Camp hours 9:00am-5:00pm - arrive early for morning snack and conversation before opening session each day at 9am.