Proxy Policy

  1. A faculty member can designate a student or staff member as a proxy.  The proxy will be able to submit DocDel and Interlibrary Loan requests on behalf of the faculty member.
  2. In order to initiate this proxy status, the faculty member should email Therese Bauters at indicating the name of the person who will be acting a proxy.
  3. The proxy will need to fill our a "Proxy Borrower's Application" which must be signed by the faculty member.  The form will allow Hesburgh Library to issue a card with both the faculty member's and the proxy's name; a kind of joint account.
  4. The faculty member will also need to sign a form indicating joint responsibility for all ILL materials that we borrow from other libraries.
  5. Individual(s) acting as proxy should come to the Interlibrary Loan Office, 118 Hesburgh Library, in order to set up the new ILL and DocDel account.


Site Last Modified: 12/09/2013