Find Articles in Hesburgh Libraries - Part 3 (How Do I Find Journal Articles?)

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Free vs. Fee

Why not just use Google or Yahoo to search for articles? Why use Hesburgh Libraries' Electronic Resources to find articles?

A vast amount of information is available on the Web. Free web sites may not include all of the information needed for academic research. Some sites may contain unreliable and incomplete information.

You be the judge -- test your knowledge on these two web sites. Which one would you include in your research paper?

How To Spot A Mad Cow

Purdue University Agricultural Communications

Hesburgh Libraries pay access fees for resources such as JSTOR, Project Muse, LexisAcademic and many others. They are purchased for library users and are designed for conducting library research. The content of these materials is written by experts or authorities in their field.

If you are still unsure about which index or database to use for your research, Ask A Librarian!