How Do I Find a Book?

The ND Libraries Catalog, also known as ALEPH, is your guide to locating books, journal and newspaper titles, videos, sound recordings and other publications. The catalog includes the holdings of all University Libraries of Notre Dame (with the exception of the Law Library).

bullet Browse Searching

Browse searching finds items when you know the exact author, title, subject or call number.

Example: (not case/punctualization sensitive)

Author: prejean helen Title: dead man walking
Subject: capital punishment - religious aspects Call Number: HV 8699 .U5P74 1994

bullet Keyword Searching

Keyword searches look for single words or phrases anywhere in the catalog record. Keywords can be from an author's name, a title, a subject heading, a publisher's name, the notes, and much more. They can also be numbers, such as publication dates.

Keyword searching enables advanced and Boolean commands (AND, OR and NOT), which can broaden or narrow your results. Explanations and examples of advanced and Boolean command searches are below:


capital punishment and women

produces narrow results and retrieves records where the keywords are somewhere in the same catalog record.

capital punishment or death penalty

produces the broadest results and retrieves records containing either or any of the keywords and is useful when you need to search synonyms, variant forms of a word, or related topics.

capital punishment not texas

excludes records that contain the keyword following NOT.

moral? - retrieves moral, morals, morale, morality, etc.

searches for multiple forms of the word.

(capital punishment or death penalty) and wom?n

combines or clusters keywords or topics into a single search.

bullet How Do I Find the Book?

Each item in the library has a unique call number that indicates exactly where books are located on the shelves. University Libraries of Notre Dame uses Library of Congress Classification for assigning call numbers. This system uses a combination of letters and numbers to assign call numbers by subject and to arrange books on the shelves.

Can't find what you are looking for?

bullet What If the Library Does Not Own the Book?

If you cannot find the book in the University Libraries catalog, follow these steps:

1. Check Other Libraries such as Saint Mary's College, Holy Cross, Bethel College, IUSB and other state or regional libraries.

2. Use WorldCat, a catalog of books, web resources and other materials worldwide.

3. Use InterLibrary Loan to request research materials from other libraries when they are not available in the University Libraries collection.

bullet Need More Help?

Ask a Librarian!
You can email, phone or visit a librarian. The University Librarians will be happy to double-check your searches.