How to Install the Citrix Client for Windows

  1. Download the installer for the Windows version of the Citrix Presentation Server client. Print these instructions, then close your Web browser.
  2. Start the installer by double clicking on the file you downloaded, ica32web.msi. If you see a security warning, you will need to indicate that you want to run the file.

    Example warning. Yours may vary.
    Download security warning example
  3. After the Citrix Presentation Server client is installed, relaunch your Web brower so that the client is registered with your browser.
  4. Whenever you select a Library resource that uses the Citrix client, the following window will open, requesting your NetID and password.
    Picture of Citrix authentication screen
  5. If you are prompted for file access security settings, allow the server full access so that you can save your data.
    Picture of Citric security settings options