MacIntosh OS X Installation Directions

1. You should print these instructions to refer to during the installation process.   Then click here to download the latest version of the software. Save the file to your desktop.

2. A one-time installation of the Citrix client software is required. Once you have downloaded the software from step 1, locate the folder on your macintosh and double-click it, if it hasn't already been expanded.

mac osX ica dmg file

Opening the file should place the Citrix ICA Client drive on your desktop.

citrix drive

Double click this icon to begin the ICA installation and follow the screen instructions.

ica folder to copy


3. Once the installation program is finished, close any browser windows that are open. Then return to the Library homepage and locate your desired Library item. Click on the Library resource link. You may see a window similar to the following appear. This window downloads the connection file needed to use Citrix-hosted resources. Click the OK button on this window. A file with the extension "ica" will be placed on your computer. The window below represents the one that would appear for the LIbrary resource, P-census.

4. After the connection file is downloaded to your macintosh, the Citris software will automatically connect to the Library resource. You may see the following screen. Click "Allow" to continue to the resource.


mac install

5.  The Citrix ICA Client will open and the "Notre Dame AFS Authentication" dialog box should appear. Type your AFS ID in the "Notre Dame AFS Authentication" dialog box.  Press the Tab key and type your AFS password.  Press Enter. 

6. Other windows or messages may appear, depending upon the resource. Click "ok" on these windows to continue to the resource.