Rome Library Policies

The Rome Global Gateway Library is accessible to all during our regular and posted operating hours. Circulation of materials is limited to Notre Dame faculty, staff, and students. All others may use materials in the RGG Library.

Operating Hours:

Monday – Friday: 2:00-5:00 PM (when courses are in session)
Evening and weekend hours vary by semester and are posted in the RGG Library.

For questions about RGG Library hours and/or policies please contact Jennifer Parker or Costanza Montanari.

General Rules:

The Library is to remain locked when it is not staffed by a library assistant or student worker.
 Books and materials are allowed in studios but are not to be used as props.
 Books and materials are not to be removed from the building.
 Food is not permitted in the RGG Library.

Circulation Policies:

Books may circulate IN the building for ONE week.
 Books on course reserve circulate IN the building for 24 hours.
 Books housed in the Rare Book Case and Library Office do not circulate but may be used in house.



Scanning & Photocopying:

Italian copyright law dictates that only 10% of a book is allowed to be photocopied. Please take care when making scans and/or photocopies of materials to adhere to this law.