NDENGLIB: Library Email Service

Sign up for NDENGLIB to receive email announcements from the Engineering Library.

Be sure to look at the Topics section at the bottom of the form. There are four topics defined for this list, and you can choose which announcements you would like to receive:

  • Faculty -- announcements for faculty members
  • Grads -- announcements for graduate students
  • Approval -- notification when a new approval list is posted on the library homepage (books available for the library to buy)
  • Newbook -- notification when a list of new books added to the Engineering Library is posted on the library homepage
  • Other -- general announcements for all library patrons

This list has been configured for announcements only. That is, you will only receive email announcements from library staff, without any email accidentally directed to the listserv by its members.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at engrlib.@nd.edu .