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Library Employees

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Ajamie, Lauren Electronic Resources
Andrzejewski, Sharon Library Assistant
Archer, J. Douglas Interim Program Director, Science, Engineering, Social Science and Business
Peace Studies Librarian
Arnott, Julie Head,
Balekai, Rajesh Senior Programmer /
Bales, Aaron Systems
Bales, Paula Library Assistant
Bates, Michele Library Assistant
Bauters, Therese Supervisor, Acquisitions Services and Interlibrary
Bayard, Laura Outreach Services Librarian
Library Faculty Affirmative Action Officer
Bergstrom, Tracy Co-Program Director, Digital Library Initiatives and Scholarship
Curator, Italian Imprints and Dante Collection
Bernhard, Debbie Library Assistant
Blasko, Paula Library Security
Boyd, Rachel Original Cataloging and Authorities
Boze, Andy IT Projects
Brach, Carol Engineering
Bradford, Beverly Lead Mailroom
Brcka, Jennifer Supervisor, Data Support
Britton, Sheila Library Assistant
Brower, Don Digital Library Infrastructure
Brubaker Horst, Dan Digital Library Applications
Brzezinski, Pamela Library Assistant
Burk, Bartley Supervisor, Metadata Services/Original and Special Cataloging Services
Social Sciences/Hispanic Cataloging Librarian
Cachey, James Library Assistant
Chlebek, Janet Library Assistant
Chu, Pamela Library Assistant
Clark, Kristie Library Assistant
Clark, Tarrez Library Assistant
Clements, Aedin Irish Studies
Colbert, Kathy Library Assistant
Cole, Barbara Library Assistant
Collins, Sandi Manager, Library Information Technology
Comer, Derek Library Security
Coplin, Gloria Library Assistant
Crabtree, Monica Library Assistant
Davis, Salem Procurement
Dean-Davis, Barbara Library Assistant
Defreese, Michael Library Security
Dehmlow, Mark Program Director, Information
DeLuca, Christopher Quality Assurance
Dias, Suzanne Library Security
Doversberger, Lin Library Assistant
Dressing, David Head, Arts and Area Studies Subject Specialists
Latin American and Iberian Studies Librarian
Dube, Liz
Enyeart, David Library Assistant
Estes, Quinton Library Security
Feirick, Susan Library Assistant
Fergerson, Ross Facilities
Ferraro, Kim Library Assistant
Ford, Charlotte Library Assistant
Fox, Robert Manager, Web and Software Engineering
Frelas, Beata IT Support
Friesen, Jeremy Projects/Application
Giles, Margaret Library Assistant
Gram, Diane Senior Branch Library Services
Gregory, Linda Library Assistant
Guimaraes, Nastia Manager, Batch Processing, Data Support and Metadata
Gulley, Amanda Media Digitization
Gura, David T.Curator, Ancient and Medieval Manuscripts and Early Imprints
Concurrent Assistant Professor of Medieval Studies
Hanstra, Thomas Senior Systems
Harris, Cynthia Senior Accounting
Hartzler, Jonathan Senior Software
Hashil, Nita Library Assistant
Havert, Mandy Graduate Outreach Services and Education
Hayes, Stephen Manager, Business and Social Sciences
Entrepreneurial Spirit Endowed Business Librarian
Heet, Adam Digital Projects
Henry, Ronald Mail Processing
Holzheimer, Hendel Leye Library Assistant
Huyvaert, Deborah Senior Bindery Services
Johnson, Rick Co-Program Director, Digital Library Initiatives and Scholarship
E-Research and Digital Initiatives
Jones, Sherri
Jordan, Louis Associate University Librarian, Academic Services and
Juhn, Hye-Jin East Asian Studies
Kahal, Ina Library Assistant
Kambol, Nancy Library Assistant
Karol, Bozena Library Assistant
Kayongo, Jessica Anthropology and Interim Sociology
Kennel, Jaron Senior Software
Kinslow, Kenneth Assistant
Kirk, Michele Supervisor,
Kolic, Robert IT Support
Korlan, Sue Library Security
Krieger, Alan Theology and Philosophy
Krivan, Patricia Library Assistant
Krivan, George Library Security
Kusmer, Robert German, Humanities and Theology Cataloging Librarian
German Language and Literature Librarian
Ladwig, J. Parker Manager, Sciences and Engineering
Biology, Medicine, Mathematics & Statistics Librarian
Lakin, Maureen Library Assistant
Lakshminarayanan, Banu Senior Programmer/
Langhurst, Andrea Program Director, Resource Acquisitions and
Lanser, Karen Senior Branch Library Services
Lawton, Patricia Digital Projects Librarian
Catholic Research Resources Alliance
Lisek, Robin Library Assistant
Listenberger, Christeena Library Assistant
Loghry, Patricia Audiovisual Cataloging
Lyandres, Natasha Head, Rare Books and Special Collections
Russian and East European Studies Librarian
Mackey, Mary Sue Library Assistant
Macon-Clifton, Darlene Library Assistant
Mak, Collette
Makinen, Dana Library Assistant
Markham, Joan Library Security
Massa, Denise Visual Resources
McComb, Tosha Library Assistant
McCune, Lori Library Assistant
McDonald, Paula Library Assistant
McGowan, Laurie Instructional
McKeown, Mary Head, Metadata Services, Original and Special Cataloging Services
Principal Cataloger
McManus, Jean Catholic Studies
McNally, Kelly Executive
Meyers, Natalie E-Research
Miller, Thurston Chemistry and Physics
Minarik, Donna Library Assistant
Moore, Monica Electronic Resources
Morgan, Eric LeaseDigital Initiatives
Morgan, Leslie Head, Teaching & Instructional Services
First Year of Studies & University Writing Program Liaison
Morton, Tracey Manager, Frontline
Mueller, Michael IT Support
Mullins, Trudie Administrative
Ng, James Economics
Nicholas, Pamela Electronic Resources
Obren, Belinda Library Assistant
Orlowski, Diane Library Security
O`Leary, Tara Program Director, Communications and
O`Rourke, Patricia Library Assistant
Papson, Alex Metadata and Digital Services
Parker, Jennifer Architecture
Philotoff, Bobbie Lou Library Assistant
Pietraszewski, Pete Business
Price, Becky Library Assistant
Purdy, Lee Business
Rader, Patrick Media Digitization
Reimers, Peter Library Assistant
Reimers, Christine Library Assistant
Rittenhouse, Justin Senior Applications
Ross, Joseph Rare Books Cataloging
Rugg, George Special Collections
Sarber, Sandra Library Assistant
Savoie, Michelle Senior Personnel Operations
Schaaf, Robin Software
Schlutt, Jayne Library Assistant
Schmidt, Andy Visiting Business
Schneider, Julia Library Assistant
Scott, Gwen Library Assistant
Shaw, Michele Manager, Branch Staff and Mahaffey Business
Shreve, Kimberly IT Support
Sikorski, Diane Library Assistant
Sill, Bill Senior Systems
Sill, Laura Manager, Acquisitions Services and Interlibrary
Simon, Robert Music
Simons, Marcy Organizational Development
Simpson, Matthew Director, Finance and
Sisk, Matthew Postdoctoral
Smith, Cheri Program Director, Academic Outreach and Engagement
Psychology Librarian
Stevenson, Marsha Visual Arts
Stienbarger, Lisa Supervisor, Batchprocessing
Suhovecky, Mark Senior Systems
Sullivan, David Program Director, Arts and Humanities Research Services
Classical and Byzantine Studies Librarian
Szekendi, Mary Library Security
Tanaka, Julie Western European History Librarian
Curator, European Manuscripts and Early Printed Books
Taylor, Clara Supervisor, Stacks
Taylor, Leigh Library Assistant
Vande Walle, Abby Library Assistant
VanNevel, Miranda Project
Vecchio, Julie Digital Scholarship
Walker, Diane ParrEdward H. Arnold University
Wang, John Associate University Librarian, Digital Access, Resources and Information
Weber, Sara Special Collections Digital Project
Weeks, Ladonna Library Assistant
Weindling, Nelson Library Assistant
Wetherill, Andy Web
Wolfe, Dan UI Software
Wolff, Michele Senior Administrative Assistant to the Edward H. Arnold University
Yates, James Library Security
Zalas, John Library Security
Zeiger, Michael Library Assistant
Zeiger, Lynne Library Security
Zmudzinski, Timothy Building Sevices