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Libraries Committees, Teams and University Committees with Libraries Representation

Academic & Faculty Affairs Comm of the U Board of Trustees Andrea Langhurst
Academic Affirmative Action Committee Laura Bayard
Academic Council J. Douglas Archer
Cheri Smith
Aleph Upgrade Team Aaron Bales
Aleph Working Group (AWG) Aaron Bales
Christmas Party Team Kimberly Shreve
Circulation Working Group Tracey Morton
Committee on Appointments and Promotions Diane Walker
Diversity Committee Laura Bayard
Document Delivery Team Carol Brach
E-Book Steering Team Rick Johnson
E-Book Steering Team: Batch Record Set Working Group Natasha Lyandres
E-Book Steering Team: Licensing/Acquisitions Working Group Andrea Langhurst
Executive Committee of the Library Faculty (ELF) Marsha Stevenson
Alan Krieger
Faculty Grievance Committee (University) Patricia Loghry
Faculty Professional Development Committee Pete Pietraszewski
Faculty Senate Eric Morgan
J. Douglas Archer
Graduate Council
Hesburgh Library Staff Advocacy Team
Judicial Review Board Diane Walker
Library Faculty
Library Faculty Elections Committee Andy Boze
Library Materials Budget Team Kelly McNally
Library Orientation Team Michele Shaw
Library Sustainability Team Andy Boze
Library Training and Development Team Sandi Collins
Mandy Havert
MetaSearch Team Mark Dehmlow
OCLC Services Team Bartley Burk
Serials Working Group (SWG) Natasha Lyandres
SFX Team Mark Dehmlow
Software Committee
Special Collections Exhibits Committee Louis Jordan
Task Force on University Libraries Participation In the IN Light Archive Laura Bayard
University Committee on Research, Library, and Special Professional Faculty Appeals
University Committee on Elections
University Committee on First Year of Studies
University Committee on Libraries (UCL) Diane Walker
University Committee on Women Faculty and Students
University Council for Academic Technologies
University Staff Advisory Council
Wiki Oversight Team Sandi Collins