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Divisions, Departments and Units

Unit NameHeadPhoneFax
home pageAcademic Outreach and Engagement Program Cheri Smith   
home pageAcademic Services and Collections Louis Jordan   
home pageAcquisitions Services and Interlibrary Loan Laura Sill   

Admin Team Matthew Simpson   
home pageAdministrative and Central Resources Program Matthew Simpson   
home pageArchitecture Library Jennifer Parker   
home pageArts and Humanities Research Services Program David Sullivan   
home pageArts, Area Studies and Humanities Subject Specialists David Dressing   

Batch Processing Services Lisa Stienbarger   
home pageBuilding Services Ross Fergerson   
home pageBusiness and Social Science Stephen Hayes   
home pageChemistry-Physics Library Thurston Miller   
home pageData Support Services Jennifer Brcka   

Digital Access, Resources, and Information Technology John Wang   
home pageDigital Library Initiatives and Scholarship Program Tracy Bergstrom   
home pageDigital Library Technology Rick Johnson   
home pageDigital Production Services and Outreach Tracy Bergstrom   
home pageElectronic Resources Unit Andrea Langhurst   
home pageEngineering Library Carol Brach   
home pageFrontline Services Tracey Morton   
home pageInformation Technology Program Mark Dehmlow   
home pageLibrary Information Technology Support Sandi Collins   
home pageMahaffey Business Library Stephen Hayes   

Mailroom Ross Fergerson   

Metadata Services, Batch Processing and Data Support Nastia Guimaraes   

Metadata Services, Original and Special Cataloging Services Mary McKeown   
home pageMonitors Ross Fergerson   

Office of the University Librarian Diane Walker Ph: 631-5252Fax: 631-6772
home pageO`Meara Mathematics Library J. Parker Ladwig   
home pagePreservation Julie Arnott   
home pageRare Books and Special Collections Natasha Lyandres   

Research & Consultation Services Cheri Smith   
home pageResource Acquisitions and Discovery Program Andrea Langhurst   
home pageScience, Engineering, Social Science and Business Program J. Douglas Archer   

Sciences and Engineering J. Parker Ladwig   
home pageSocial Sciences Cheri Smith   
home pageStacks Maintenance and Document Delivery Clara Taylor   
home pageSystems Administration Unit Mark Dehmlow   

Teaching & Instructional Services Leslie Morgan   

Teaching & Research Services   
home pageVisual Resources Center   
home pageWeb and Software Engineering Unit Robert Fox