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Description: Founded in 2004 as a free online Chinese character/word query website, Han Dian aims to preserve Chinese cultural heritage and to promote Chinese language study and research. As of June 2013, Han Dian is on its fourth revision. With all contents from LongWiki, Han Dian is modelled after Wikipedia, i.e., the public can participate in building and developing its online databases. The resources provided here include: Chinese Dictionary, Chinese Phrase Dictionary, Idiom Dictionary, Chinese Poetry, Han Dian Calligraphy, Practical Aids Appendix, and Han Dian Tools. The unique feature in Han Dian's Chinese Dictionary is that it offers not only a detailed history of each Chinese character, but also explanations from Kangxi Zi Dian and Shuo Wen Jie Zi. The website also has link to LongWiki's Han Dian Gu Ji where a digital collection of nearly 40,000 Chinese classics is available for users to explore.

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