Data Management

Citing Your Data

Why make your data citable?

Without evidential data nearly all research is simply a collection of un-supported assertions. In addition, many data have value beyond their original purpose, either as validation / reproducibility activity or as aggregated subunits of larger datasets. There is also increasing evidence that multidisciplinary reuse of data is occurring more often. In all these cases datasets become valuable research objects and constituents of professional impact.

See “So You Want to Cite your Data: The Consequences of Data Citation”, July 28, 2011.


DOIs (digital object identifiers) are widely used in scientific publishing to cite journal articles. They are persistent unique number combinations that can also provide long-term links to data sets. The Hesburgh Libraries uses EZID to assign your data a DOI.

Citation formats

Standards for citing data are emerging slowing. DataCite has two very simple recommended formats: Examples of data citation. Our team can also help you create a format appropriate for your work.