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Allende, Isabel. (Chilean author of magic realism)
Asimov, Isaac. (Russian-American author of science fiction, among other genres)
Burgess, Anthony. (British author of A Clockwork Orange, among others)
Butler, Octavia. (African-American, winner of the Nebula, the Hugo and the Locus awards for science fiction)
Clarke, Arthur Charles. (British)
Crichton, Michael. (American author of Jurassic Park, among others)
Dick, Philip K. (American)
Garcia Marquez, Gabriel. (Colombian author of magic realism)
Gibson, William. (American)
Heinlein, Robert. (American)
Herbert, Frank. (American author of the "Dune" series.)
LeGuin, Ursula. (American)
Pynchon, Thomas. (American author of Gravity's Rainbow, among others.)
Rowling, J.K. (British author of the "Harry Potter" series.)
Russell, Mary Doria. (American author of The Sparrow, among others)
Stewart, Mary. (British author of Arthurian romance.)
Tolkien, J.R.R. (British author of The Lord of the Rings among others)

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