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Allingham, Marjory. (British author of "Mr. Campion" series, among others)
Brown, Rita Mae. (American author of detective cats series)
Burke, James Lee (American author of mysteries set in rural Louisiana and Texas)
Chandler, Raymond. (American author of The Big Sleep, among others)
Christie, Agatha. (Classic British mystery writer)
Cornwell, Patricia. (American author of forensic crime series)
Cross, Amanda ( American author of mysteries in academic settings)
Deighton, Len. (British author of spy novels)
Dexter, Colin. (British author of "Inspector Morse" series)
Dibdin, Michael. (British author of Aurelio Zen series)
Doyle, A. Conan. (British author of Sherlock Holmes)
Eco, Umberto. (Italian author of The Name of the Rose, among others)
Fast, Howard. (American)
Francis, Dick. (British author of horse racing series)
Gardner, Erle Stanley. (American author of "Perry Mason" series)
Grafton, Sue. (American author of the "alphabet" mysteries featuring detective Kinsey Millhone)
Greeley, Andrew. (American author and priest)
Grisham, John. (American author of The Firm, among others)
Heyer, Georgette. (British)
Hiaasen, Carl. (American author of satirical mysteries set in south Florida)
Highsmith, Patricia. (American author of The Talented Mr. Ripley, among others)
Hillerman, Tony. (American author of Navajo detective series, recently televised)
James, P.D. (British author of much televised "Inspector Dalgleish" series)
LeCarré, John. (British author of spy novels)
MacInnes, Helen. (Scottish American author of espionage novels)
McInerny, Ralph. (Notre Dame author of "Father Dowling" series, among others)
Mosley, Walter. (African American)
Muller, Marcia. (American)
Paretsky, Sara (American author of mysteries set in Chicago, featuring detective V.I. Warshawski)
Perry, Anne. (British author of Victorian mysteries)
Peters, Ellis. (British author of medieval "Cadfael" series)
Rendell, Ruth. (British author who also writes as Barbara Vine)
Rice, Anne. (American author of vampire series)
Sayers, Dorothy. (British author of "Peter Wimsey" series)
Simenon, Georges. (French author of "Inspector Maigret" series)
Tremayne, Peter. (British author of medieval Irish "Sister Fidelma" series, among others)
Truman, Margaret. (American author of Washington, D.C., mysteries)
Walters, Minette. (British)
West, Morris L. (Australian)

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