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Students often ask those of us who work in the library at Notre Dame for books they can read just for fun. It's not an easy question because, although we have loads of novels, they're arranged by call number rather than by genre. This site is an attempt to respond to that request by listing popular authors whose works we know are in the Hesburgh Library. We've listed some of them by genres including Mysteries, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Adventure/War/Westerns, and Short Stories. We've also identified some Catholic authors. In some cases we've listed titles that you will recognize, including some that were made into movies. These lists are in no way intended to be either prescriptive or comprehensive.

Questions, comments, suggestions? If you have a favorite author you'd like to see added to the list, let us know; but remember we're just listing authors whose works are in our collection. If you want us to post your comments about a book you've read, please let us know that too. For a wide-ranging discussion of modern novels see "Books to Nourish One's Soul and Broaden One's Horizons"  by President-Emeritus Father Edward Malloy; or take a look at the "Recommended Summer Reading List" for Notre Dame students.

Composed by Laura Fuderer, Margaret Porter, and Cheri Smith.