Ireland and the Irish on Film

Compiled by G. Margaret Porter and Danielle Redd

1641: [and] The curse of Cromwell / produced by Radharc Films. Bronx, NY: Irish Visions [distributor], c1991.
Abstract: Both 1641 and The curse of Cromwell use contemporary historical documents, modern historians, film of actual castles, towns, and ruins to recreate this dark period that was to make Cromwell one of the most hated men in Irish history.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-14 VC

Ailsa / screenplay by Joseph O'Connor, based on his own short story ;
produced by Ed Guiney ; directed by Paddy Breathnach. [Dublin] :
Clarence Pictures, 1999.
Abstract: Shortly after finding his landlord dead, Miles becomes obsessed
with Campbell Rourke, the beautiful stranger who moves into the vacant
apartment. He manages to conceal his obsession from his girlfriend Sara
and their friends, until he discovers Campbell is pregnant by an absent
boyfriend. His fascination with her quickly develops into a psychosis that
threatens his relationships and his life, as he seeks the ultimate escape from
Audio Center Videocassette I65-42 VC

Blood and belonging / a presentation of Films for the Humanities & Sciences; BBC Wales/Primedia co-production in association with Primetime PLC. Princeton, N.J.: Films for the Humanities and Sciences, 1993.
Abstract: Presents the presenter's perception of nationalist tendencies in Yugoslavia, among the Kurds, in Germany, Ukraine, Northern Ireland, and Quebec.
Audio Center Videocassette N277-5 VC

Bringing it all back home / produced by Hummingbird Productions in 1991 for BBC Television in association with RTE; Philip King, producer.
Abstract: A five-part documentary about the journey, influence, and development of Irish music.
Audio Center Videocassette I 65-19 VC

Cal / Eastern Counties Newspapers Group Limited. Burbank, CA: Warner Home Video, [1990].
Abstract: A harrowing, sensitive love story set within the hatred of strife-torn Northern Ireland.
Audio Center Videocassette O18-1 VC

Celtic feet: Irish dancing step by step with Colin Dunne / presented by Wienerworld Limited. Bethesda, MD: Distributed by Acorn Media, [1996], c1995.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-20 VC

Charles Haughey's Ireland / Pipeline Productions. Garden City, N.Y.: Rego Irish Records, Tapes & Video, [198-?]
Abstract: Charles J. Haughey, former Irish prime minister, presents his personal vision of the Ireland he loves, its people, its history, its sporting and cultural events, and its places of interest.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-8 VC

Come dance with me in Ireland / An Fáinne Rince Club; produced and directed by Simon Betson. Cork, Ireland: Ossian, c1996-
Abstract: Some of Ireland's best artists perform Irish set dancing. All sets are recorded as danced in native areas. Each set is preceded by a demonstration, and there is a preview with voice-over instructions prior to each figure.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-36 VC

The Commitments / Beacon Communications Corporation a First Film Company/Dirty Hands Production. Beverly Hills, CA: Fox Video, [1991], c1992.
Abstract: Story of a young rebel soul band from the Dublin ghetto, and their struggle to make it in the music business.
Audio Center Videocassette P282-1 VC

Crush proof / directed by Paul Tickell ; produced by Kees Kasander ;
screenplay by James Mathers. [Dublin] : Clarence Pictures, c1999.
Abstract: Neal, fresh out of prison, is reunited with his gang of horse
loving misfits. On the run from the police, he rides out to settle a score with
the drug dealer who set him up. Pursued by an obsessive detective and a
police posse, the gang is forced to hide out in the Wicklow mountains
where a violent showdown is inevitable.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-45 VC

The crying game / written and directed by Neil Jordan. [Van Nuys, Calif.] : LIVE Home Video, [1993]
Abstract: A haunting, humorous and shocking romantic thriller about Irish terrorists, their hostage and the hostage's exotic girlfriend.
Audio Center Videocassette J82-1 VC

Dancing at Lughnasa / Capitol Films, Sony Pictures Classics ... [et al.]; screenplay by Frank McGuinness; produced by Noel Pearson; directed by Pat O'Connor.
Abstract: Despite their hardships, five sisters living in rural Ireland in 1936 are able to embrace life and all its complexities and dance with joy in their hearts.
Audio Center Videocassette O18-2 VC

David Lean's film of Ryan's daughter / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; produced by Anthony Havelock-Allan; directed by David Lean. [United States]: MGM/UA Home Video, [1989]
Abstract: In Ireland in 1916, Rosy Ryan marries her gentle, middle-aged schoolmaster but later falls in love with a British soldier.
Audio Center Videocassette L437-3 VC

The Dawning / TVS, The Vista Organization present; Lawson Productions. [Van Nuys, Calif.] : LIVE Home Video, 1993.
Abstract: In 1920 Ireland, a young woman enlisted in a dangerous mission by an IRA gunman faces life-and-death choices when what seemed to be a romantic game leads to violence and revolution.
Audio Center Videocassette K71-1 VC

December bride / a film by Thaddeus O'Sullivan; MD Wax/Courier Films. [S.l.]: Fox Lorber, 1993.
Abstract: Set in Ireland at the turn of the century December Bride is the story of a young woman who takes two brothers as her lovers. An unconventional love story.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-30 VC

The disappearance of Finbar / directed by Sue Clayton ; produced by
Bertil Ohlsson, Martin Bruce-Clayton ; written by Dermot Bolger and Sue
Clayton. [Dublin] : Clarence Pictures, 1999.
Abstract: Finbar Flynn gets a chance to try out with an international
soccer team and escape the grim circumstances of his youth. When he has
to return a month later with his tail between his legs, he decides to end it all
by jumping off a bridge. His body is never found and his best friend Danny,
remains convinced he's still alive. After the local band scores a huge
international hit with "Finbar Flynn, where are you now?", Danny gets a
drunken phone call from Finbar somewhere in Scandinavia and heads off
to find him.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-44 VC

Eavan Boland / the Lannan Foundation; directed by Dan Griggs. Los Angeles, CA: The Foundation, c1994.
Abstract: "Eavan Boland is a major Irish poet, and in her nine books of poetry she explores the relationship between gender, art, and national identity--'the meeting place between womanhood and history.' Eavan Boland read from in a time of violence and outside history on November 16, 1994, in Los Angeles. She discussed her work with Los Angeles poet Eloise Klein Healy whose books include Artemis in Echo Park and Ordinary wisdom"--Container.
Audio Center Videocassette B867-1 VC

Far and away / directed by Ron Howard; Universal City Studios, Inc. and Imagine Films Entertainment, 1992, 1998.
Abstract: A poor but proud Irish tenant farmer accompanies the spoiled and headstrong daughter of a wealthy landlord to America in a quest for land.
Audio Center DVD H851-1 DVD

The field / Avenue Pictures presents a Granada Film; producer, Noel Pearson; director, Jim Sheridan. Van Nuys, CA: Live Home Video, [1991], c1990.
Abstract: The field is a plot of land in rural Ireland, rented and tended by an old man. When the owner sells the land to an American developer the old man decides to fight the change, regardless of the cost.
Audio Center Videocassette S552-3 VC

Flight of the doves / screenplay by Frank Gabrielson and Ralph Nelson ;
produced and directed by Ralph Nelson. Watford : Cinema Club, c1997.
Abstract: Constantly bullied by their cruel stepfather, Finn Dove and his
little sister Derval, decide to run away to Ireland. But their wicked uncle
discovers the children are heirs to a fortune and if they die or can't be
found, he stands to inherit the money. A master of disguise, the wicked
uncle pursues the children as they stow away on a steamer bound for
Audio Center Videocassette I65-47 VC

From a whisper to a scream / produced in association with Radio Telefis Éireann; produced & directed by David Heffernan. [S.l.]: Fox Lorber CentreStage: Winstar TV & Video, c2001.
Abstract: Ireland has produced some of the most popular and acclaimed music of recent decades. Featuring rare archival footage, exclusive interviews and live performance clips, this film presents thrilling highlights from over 30 years of Irish popular music.
Audio Center DVD H461-1 DVD

From shore to shore: Irish traditional music in New York City / a presentation of Cherry Lane Productions & the Irish Arts Center, NYC; producer/director, Patrick Mullins. Truckee, Calif.: Cherry Lane Productions, c1993.
Abstract: Examines both the continuity and the changes that have affected Irish traditional music since the turn of the century. Using New York City as the focus, this documentary mixes historic photographs and film footage with contemporary interviews and performances.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-4 VC

Gael force / a Tyrone ... [et al.] production; director, Ian McGarry; producer, John Masterson. [Canoga Park, Calif.] : MVP Home Entertainment ; Chatsworth, CA : Distributed by Image Entertainment, c2000.
Abstract: Live performances from Ireland's greatest musicians and performers.
Audio Center DVD M145-1 DVD

Green fire & ice / Picture Start, Inc. Chicago, Il. : Picture Start, Inc., c1994.
Abstract: Footage to capture the unique spirit and style of the World Champion Trinity Irish Dancers.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-9 VC

Grosse Ile: gateway and graveyard / written and directed by Joseph Dunn. Dublin, Ireland: Radharc Films; New York, NY: Distributed by Celtic Video, c1992.
Abstract: Hundreds of thousands of Irish immigrated to North America between 1832 and 1860. Grosse Ile was chosen as a quarantine station by Canada and became the final port of call for many after they were turned away from American ports.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-12 VC

Guiltrip / written and directed by Gerard Stembridge ; produced by Ed
Guiney. [Dublin] : Clarence Pictures, 1999.
Abstract: Army corporal Liam and wife Tina live on a housing estate on
the edge of a small Irish town. After Liam arrives home drunk one night,
the couple gets into bitter arguments which result in a series of flashbacks
from which life-changing secrets emerge.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-46 VC

Hang up your brightest colors: the life and death of Michael Collins / produced and directed by Antony Thomas. Highland Mills, N.Y. Irish Visions USA [1997?]
Abstract: Follows the life and career of Michael Collins, Irish patriot, who escaped execution after the 1916 Rising and led a guerilla army against the British.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-25 VC

The harp in the south / produced by Anthony Buckley; directed by George Whaley; screenplay by Ruth Park and George Whaley.
Abstract: Follows the life and times of an Irish-Australian family, the Darcy's, of Number 12 1/2 Plymouth Street, Surry Hills - a Sydney slum. They are a poor working class family, living among tenement houses, razor gangs, brothels and sly- grog shops of the old Surry Hills.
Audio Center DVD W552-1 DVD

Harp of my country: a musical biography: Thomas Moore, 1779-1852: Ireland's national poet. [Dublin, Ireland: Anner Film Productions, c1987]
Abstract: Enacts the life of Thomas Moore, Irish composer, featuring many of his greatest melodies.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-27 VC

Hear my song / Miramax Films. [S.l.]: Miramax Home Video: Hollywood, CA: Paramount (distributor), [1992], c1991.
Abstract: A young man who has lost the affections of his ladylove thinks he can win her back by locating the reclusive Irish tenor her mother once loved.
Audio Center Videocassette C516-1 VC

Here are ladies / produced by Sedge moor Productions. New York, N.Y.: Arthur Cantor Films, 1987.
Abstract: Women as seen through the eyes of Irish authors.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-22 VC

A history of Ireland / presented by Brian Munn. Garden City, N.Y.: Rego Irish Records & Tapes, 1989.
Abstract: Describes the various stages of Irish history starting with ancient Ireland and New grange on through to the Celts, St. Patrick, the Vikings, the Normans, penal times, the great famine, the 1916 rising, and the formation of the republic. Also incorporates a section on Irish genealogy, "Tracing your roots." Audio Center Videocassette I65-17 VC

How to cheat in the leaving certificate / original screenplay: Graham
Jones, Tadhg O'Higgins ; adapted screenplay: Graham Jones, Aislinn
O'Loughlin ; produced by Graham Jones, Ciara Flanagan ; directed by
Graham Jones. [Dublin] : Clarence Pictures, 1999.
Abstract: The story of six pupils who set out to cheat on their Leaving
Certificate exams, a series of standardized tests administered to secondary
school students in Ireland.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-43 VC

In the name of the father / Universal Pictures presents a Hell's Kitchen / Gabriel Byrne Production. Universal City, Calif.: MCA Universal Home Video, 1994, c1993.
Abstract: Fact-based film about Gerry Conlon, the young Irish punk who is caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and forced to confess to a terrorist bombing. He and his father, along with friends of Gerry, are found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. There, his father shows his true strength, and Gerry works to prove their innocence and clear his father's name.
Audio Center Videocassette S552-2 VC

The Informer / RKO Radio Pictures. New York, N.Y.: VidAmerica, Inc., c1987.
Abstract: The story of hard drinking Gippo Nolan who informs on a buddy in order to collect a reward during the Irish rebellion. He squanders the money on women and drink, and then suffers intense emotional anguish.
Audio Center Videocassette F699- 2 VC

Ireland, a writer's island / a Vincent Corcoran Film Production. Garden City, N.Y.: Rego Irish Records & Tapes, c1990.
Abstract: A tour of Irish landscapes which influenced the writings of John Millington Synge, William Butler Yeats, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Oliver Goldsmith, Patrick Kavanagh, Bernard Shaw, George Farquhar, Jonathan Swift, Brendan Behan, George Moore, Thomas Moore, George Russell, Sean O'Casey, Frank O'Connor.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-7 VC

An Irish American story / filmed edited and produced by Cob Carlson. New York]: Cinema Guild, c1996.
Abstract: The story of the filmmaker's grandmother, Mae Dillon, who immigrated to America (Bridgeport, Connecticut) from Ireland.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-38 VC Non-Circulating

The Irish at Gettysburg / an HMS Production; produced by David DeVries. North Hollywood, CA: Greystone Communications, c1998.
Abstract: From the Army of the Potomac's famous Irish Brigade to Lee's legendary Louisiana Tigers, the Irish would add their own special chapter to the saga of the Civil War's greatest battle. Shows Irishmen on both sides at Gettysburg as they displayed courage and valor.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-40 VC

The Irish Empire / Winstar T.V. & Video, Inc. New York, N.Y.: Winstar T.V. & Video, inc.; c2000
Audio Center DVD G489-1 DVD

The Irish in America long journey home / Walt Disney Studios presents [in association with WGBH Boston; a Lennon Documentary Group production].
Abstract: A celebration of a people who helped build America; includes musical performances.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-24 VC

Irish martyrs / presented by Mary McAleese. Boston, MA: Veritas Video Productions, c1990
Abstract: Dramatic recreation of 16th century Dublin, Ireland, depicting the persecution of 17 Catholics who were accused of treason: bishops, priests, religious, laymen and women. They accepted tortures and death rather than renounce their faith. These martyrs were beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1992.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-18 VC

The Irish theatre O'Casey's Juno and the paycock / Northwood Institute and the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Theatre Arts; directed by Ronald Bishop. New York: IASTA, c1983.
Abstract: Tells the story of the Abbey Theatre in Dublin and of the career of Sean O'Casey. Includes scenes from his play "Juno and the paycock."
Audio Center Videocassette O16-1 VC

Juno and the paycock / British International Pictures Ltd.
[Burbank, Calif.: Hollywood's Attic, c1996]
Abstract: After a poor man's legacy fails to come through, his armless son is shot by an informer. A dramatic story of Ireland and the Dublin Rebellion.
Audio Center Videocassette H674-21 VC

Kennedy's Ireland / Dublin Productions. [S.l.]: MPI Home Video, [1991]
Abstract: Travel with J.F. Kennedy on his 1963 trip back to his roots in Ireland. Includes film footage from the tour, excerpts from his speeches, and historic reenactments of Irish history.
Audio Center Videocassette K35-1 VC

Lamb / Washington, DC / Capitol Home Video, c1995.
Abstract: Lamb focuses on the relationship between Brother Michael Lamb, a teacher in a Roman Catholic-run institution for troubled boys on the A trim Coast of Ireland, and 10-year old Owen Kane, the school's most unruly pupil. Dumped into the institution by his abusive mother, Owen is an incorrigible mess who smokes cigarettes, curses, wets his bed, picks fights and has epileptic seizures...
Audio Center Videocassette I65-33 VC

Live over Ireland: Water from the well; The Chieftains / Eagle Rock Entertainment PLC; Dreamchaser Productions; produced by Ned O'Hanlon; directed by Maurice Linane. Chatsworth, CA: Image Entertainment, [2001]
Audio Center DVD L758-1 DVD

Lord of the dance / Unicorn Entertainment Ltd. New York: PolyGram Video, c1997.
Abstract: "Michael Flatley takes to the stage in a stunning Celtic dance spectacular which re-tells Irish folk legend in a dazzling and updated style."
Audio Center Videocassette I65-21 VC

Man of Aran / Gaumont-British Picture Corporation Ltd.; directed by Robert Flaherty; a Gainsborough Picture.
Abstract: Documents the life of a family in a small fishing village in the Aran Islands, Ireland, as it struggles to win the daily battle against its magnificent opponent--the sea.
Audio Center Videocassette F575-3 VC

A Man of no importance / B.B.C. Northern Ireland. Majestic Films in association with Newcomm and BBC Films present a Little Bird Production. Culver City, Calif.: Columbia Tri-Star Home Video, 1995, c1994.
Abstract: A bus driver dreams of producing a play by his hero, Oscar Wilde, with his theatrical troupe of untalented amateurs. When a beautiful young woman gets on his bus he forges ahead with his plan in spite of the opposition of his sister and his landlord.
Audio Center Videocassette K92-1VC

Mayo [videorecording] / Mayo Ballylynan, Co. Kildare, Ire.: Shorway Video; Garden City, N.J.: manufactured and distributed by Rego Irish Records & Tapes, Inc., 1991.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-2 VC

Michael Collins / Geffen Pictures; directed by Neil Jordan; produced by Stephen Woolley. Burbank, CA: Warner Home Video, c1997.
Abstract: The film features the life of a man whose dreams inspired hope, whose words ignited passion, whose courage forged a nation's destiny.
Audio Center Videocassette J82-2 VC

Michael Hartnett necklace of wrens / producer, David Power; director, Pat Collins. Galway, Ire.: Power Pictures, 1999.
Abstract: "Necklace of Wrens is a documentary profile on the life of one of Ireland's leading contemporary poets, Michael Hartnett, from his early days in Newcastle West Co. Limerick, to present."--Container.
Audio Center Videocassette C712-1 VC

Mise Éire / arna léiriú ag Gael-Linn ; [George Morrison, director]. Baile
Átha Cliath [Dublin] : Gael-Linn, [1991].
Abstract: Presents the history of Ireland from the 1890s through 1918,
using contemporary newsreel footage and still photos.
In Irish.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-41 VC

Northern Ireland chronicle [London? British Information Services?, 1982?]
Abstract: A history from the British point of view of the conflict in Northern Ireland from 1600 to ca. 1981. Includes interviews and documentary footage.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-37VC Non-Circulating

Nothing personal / Channel Four Films with the participation of Bord Scannán na héireann/The Irish Film Board and British Screen presents a Little Bird Production; a film by Thaddeus O'Sullivan. [United States]: Trimark Home Video, 1997.
Abstract: It is 1975 and civil war has exploded in Belfast, Ireland. Kenny, the leader of a gang of Loyalists assassins, must control his men before he can control the city. When Liam, a single father of two children, is kidnapped by Kenny's crew, Kenny must come to grips with the meaning of loyalty and the wisdom of war.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-32 VC

Origins / produced by Radharc Films. Bronx, NY: Irish Visions [distributor], c1991.
Abstract: Describes the origins of the conflict between the people of Ireland by looking at the differences in traditions of the Irish and the Scots, the Protestants and the Catholics, and the natives and the newcomers.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-11 VC

Oscar Wilde: spendthrift of genius / produced by Radio Telefís Éireann; written by Richard Ellman. Princeton, N.J.: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 1994, c1986.
Abstract: A portrait of the multi-talented and self-destructive genius that is generously sprinkled with Wilde's infamous bon mots. Includes the only known recording by Wilde of "The Ballad of Reading Goal."
Audio Center Videocassette W671-1 VC

Out of Ireland / an American Focus production. [Charlottesville, Va.] : American Focus, Inc.; New York, N.Y.: Shanachie Entertainment, 1995, c1994.
Abstract: Examines the history of the seven million Irish who immigrated to America in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries including the causes of the exodus and the immigrant experience in the United States. Uses photographs, archival footage, manuscript material and interviews with Irish immigrants to describe their experiences and the profound influence they have had on American culture.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-10 VC

Paddy Noonan's let's have an Irish party / Rego Records Production. Garden City, N.Y.: Rego Video, 1983.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-16 VC

The penal days / produced by Radharc Films. Bronx, NY: Irish Visions [distributor] c1991.
Abstract: Focuses on the tragic effect of the Irish penal laws of the 17th century on every aspect of Irish Catholic life.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-13 VC

Playboy of the western world / J. M. Synge. New York: Thorn EMI Video, [1992?].
Abstract: Comedy of an Irish farm boy who bashes his father on the head, leaves him in a potato field, and becomes a local celebrity until his father's ghost appears.
Audio Center Videocassette S993-1 VC

A Portrait of the artist as a young man / screenplay by Judith Rascoe; directed by Joseph Strick; made on location in Ireland by Ulysses Film Production Ltd. Montauk, NY: Mystic Fire Video, [1989]
Abstract: Presents the childhood, adolescence, and early manhood of an Irish poet-scholar.
Audio Center Videocassette J89-1 VC

The quiet man / Republic Pictures. Los Angeles, CA: Republic Pictures Home Video, c1986.
Abstract: An American prizefighter returns to Ireland in order to forget the past and live peacefully in his village birthplace. He falls in love with the hot-tempered sister of a belligerent neighbor, and trouble ensues over the payment of her dowry.
Audio Center Videocassette F699- 5 VC

The Radharc guide to Celtic monasteries / produced by Radharc Films. [Dublin, Ireland]: Radharc Films; Bronx, N.Y.: Irish Visions USA, [199-?]
Abstract: A tour of the once thriving monastatic communities of Ireland where the light of knowledge shrone through the Middle Ages and where women played a significant role in the early Irish church.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-39 VC

The Railway station man / Turner Pictures presents a BBC Films production in association with the First Film Company Ltd. and Sand Productions, Inc. New York: Turner Home Entertainment, c1993.
Abstract: Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland star as a widowed artist and an eccentric American whose blossoming romance plays against the political turmoil in present day Ireland.
Audio Center Videocassette W629-1 VC

Rules of the road: a film / by Oliver Herbrich. Munich: Oliver Herbrich Film production, 1993.
Abstract: The Travelers of Ireland have traditionally wandered the countryside, working as tinsmiths, migrant laborers, fortune and storytellers and peddlers. Since the sixties, the Travelers have occupied anew niche in the cities - living on scrap yards from other people's rubbish. Modern hazardous waste laws are making it impossible to make a living at this. This documentary looks at the Travelers' lifestyle and cultural heritage, which is being lost, and at the poverty, which plagues them.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-23 VC

Saoirse? / stiúrthóir, George Morrison ; an ceol, Seán Ó Riada ;
tráchtaireacht, Seán Mac Réamoinn. Baile Átha Cliath [Dublin] :
Gael-Linn, 1997.
Abstract: Depicts the Irish struggle for independence, 1919-1922, as
recorded by the newsfilm cameras and newspapers of the time. Contains
stills and newsreel footage of the major political figures of the day,
including Éamon de Valera, Arthur Griffith, Michael Collins, Cathal
Brugha, Richard Mulcahy, Tomás MacCurtáin, Terence McSwiney, Sir
James Craig, King George V, David Lloyd George, Lord Birkenhead,
Winston Churchill.
Narration and credits in Irish; includes stills of English language
newspapers of the day.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-48 VC

Samuel Beckett: as the story was told / BBC Education and Training; producer and director, Séan Ó Mórdha.
Abstract: A biography of Beckett in two parts, each 55 min. in length. Includes excerpts from a performance of Krapp's Last Tape, previously unpublished letters, and testimonies of Jerome Lindon, relatives and others who knew the Irish novelist, poet and playwright.
Audio Center Videocassette B396-8 VC

The secret of Roan Inish / First Look Pictures Releasing and Jones Entertainment Group, Ltd. in association with Peter Newman Productions present a Skerry Movies production. Culver City, CA: Columbia Tri-Star Home Video, 1995.
Abstract: The magical tale of a girl whose search for her missing brother brings an Irish legend to life.
Audio Center Videocassette S275-3 VC

The Shadow of Béalnabláth / an RTE News production; Radio Telefís Éireann presents; produced and written by Colm Connolly. Ireland: [Radio Telefís Éireann, 1988]; United States: Rego Irish Records and Tapes, Inc., 1991.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-6 VC

The Snapper / Miramax Films presents a BBC Films Production. [S.l.]: Miramax Home Entertainment; Burbank, Calif.: Buena Vista Home Video (distributor), c1993.
Abstract: Comedy about a close-knit, boisterous Irish family, and the commotion that follows the oldest daughter's announcement that she is pregnant. The whole town is thrown into a tizzy when she refuses to reveal the father's name.
Audio Center Videocassette F849-1 VC

St. Patrick: Apostle of Ireland / Insight Film & Video Production. Harrison Park, NJ: Janson Video, c2000.
Abstract: An emotionally moving and visually dramatic rendition of the life of Ireland's Patron Saint.
Audio Center Videocassette C363-149 VC

Storytelling in Ireland / Division of Media Services, Northern Illinois University, [1991?]
Abstract: Six Irish storytellers spin their tales.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-1 VC

This is my father / Sony Pictures Classics presents a Film line International and Hummingbirds Communications Production. Culver City, CA: Columbia Tri-Star Home Video, 1999.
Abstract: Paul Quinn scripted and made his directorial debut with this period drama about middle-aged schoolteacher Kieran Johnson (James Caan), who finds evidence indicating that his real father was an Irish farmer and not a French seaman as he had been told. Since his mute and paralyzed mother offers no answers, he investigates by traveling to an Irish village with his teenage nephew (Jacob Tierney). After this prologue, the film flashes back to the family roots: Kieran's mother Fiona Flynn (Moya Farrelly) back home from convent school, catches the eye of dirt tenant farmer Kieran O'Day (Aidan Quinn). Their romance gets underway despite disapprovals from family and friends. Shown at 1998 film fests (Montreal, Toronto).
Audio Center DVD Q7- 1 DVD

Typically British; &, Irish cinema: ourselves alone? / London: Connoisseur Video, c1996.
Abstract: In Typically British, Stephen Frears leads a discussion with other British filmmakers, and explores the wealth of images created by the British film industry over the last century. In Irish Cinema, Donald Taylor Black presents a history of the Irish film industry, complete with film clips and interviews with directors, writers and producers.
Audio Center Videocassette B627-1 VC

War and peace in Ireland / a film by Arthur Mac Caig. New York, NY: First Run/Icarus Films, 1998.
Abstract: The film retraces the conflict in Northern Ireland through film footage of events and comments of citizens representing the various factions that have resulted in the struggles through the year's from1968 until the present. The main protagonists of the film include John Hume, Gerry Adams, John Taylor, David Ervine, and Albert Reynolds.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-28 VC

War of the buttons / Warner Bros. presents an Enigma production in association with La Gueville and Hugo Films; in association with Fujisankei Communications Group. Burbank, Calif.: Warner Home Video, [1996]
Abstract: Kids will be kids; but sometimes they, in their own fanciful ways, will be adults. This charming film is a look at a child's view of adulthood. It is set in Ireland.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-35 VC

When Ireland starved /Blackrock, Ireland: Radharc Films; New York, NY: Distributed by Celtic Video, 1992.
Abstract: Without doubt the Irish famine of the 1850s is one of the most important in Irish history, with far-flung effects. This series traces its causes, follows its unfolding, and examines its results.
Audio Center Videocassette I65-5 VC