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100% arabica / un film de Mahmoud Zemmouri. -- New York : ArtMattan Productions, 1997.
Abstract: The rising popularity of a local band threatens orthodox religious groups in a mixed Arab and African housing project outside Paris. Attendance at the mosque falls and drastic measures are taken to keep the balance of power in the hands of the religious leaders. No one can stop the infectious popularity of the music, however, and when all the musicians finally sing together, everyone is united.
Audio Center Videocassette Z53-1 VC

Afrique, je te plumerai = Africa, I'm going to fleece you / un film de Jean-Marie Teno ; une coproduction Les Films du Raphia (France) et Raphia Films Production (Cameroun) avec la collaboration de la ZDF. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, [1992]
Abstract: A compelling and sardonic essay on the history of colonialism in Cameroon, and by extension, on the African continent. Focuses on historical as well as contemporary European cultural domination, particularly in the publishing and media industry.
Audio Center Videocassette A 258-54 VC

Ainsi meurent les anges / M. sa Productions et L'INA presentent un film ecrit et realise par Moussa Sene Absa ; producteur delegue,Moussa Sene Absa. -- San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, c2001.
Abstract: Mory [is] a troubled Senegalese poet living outside Paris with his French wife and their children. We watch his marriage fall apart under cross-cultural pressures,specifically his father's demand that he take a second wife in Senegal. Homeless in winter, separated from his children, his poems scattered over a Paris street, Mory returns to Senegal, penniless and with uncertain prospects. At the same time, black-and-white sequences reveal the psychological origins of Mory's present malaise.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-156 VC

Appunti per un'Orestiade Africana / scritto e diretto da Pier Paolo Pasolini ; regia di Pier Paolo Pasolini. [Rome?] : ID Cinematografica, c1989 (Montauk, NY : Mystic Fire Video)
Abstract: Inspired by the Greek legend of Orestes, Pasolini views post-colonial African history through the lens of mythology in this metaphorical film. Inspired by the Greek legend of Orestes, Pasolini views post- colonial African history through the lens of mythology in this metaphorical film.
Audio Center Videocassette P283-3 VC

Besieged / Fine Line Features presents a Fiction and Navert/Mediaset production in association with BBC Films. [United States] : New Line Home Video, c1999.
Abstract: After her husband is arrested in Africa, Shandurai flees to an enchanting villa in Rome where she gains employment working for an eccentric recluse and falls in love.
Audio Center DVD B546-1 DVD

Black girl = La noire de-- / Filmi Domirev, Les Actualites francaises ; produced by Andre Zwoboda ; written and directed by Sembene Ousmane. -- [New York, N.Y.] : New Yorker Films, 1965.
Abstract: A young Senegalese girl leaves to work for a European family in Antibes.The harsh treatment leads her to commit suicide.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-200 VC

Black man's land: images of colonialism and independence in Kenya / written by David Koff ; produced and directed by Anthony Howarth and David Koff. -- [England] : Anthony David Productions ; Van Nuys, CA : Distributed by the Bellwether Group, [1986?].
Abstract:  Trilogy of films on colonialism, nationalism and revolution in 20th century Kenya. The first part covers the violence of colonial  rule, white settlement and African resistance as the British tried to make it into a "white man's country." The second part examines the myth and reality of Mau Mau. The third part is a portrait of Jomo Kenyatta, and a case study of nationalism as a political force in Africa.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-183 VC

Boesman & Lena / Kino International, Pathé Image Production and Primedia Pictures ; producers, François Ivernel, Pierre Rissient ; written and directed by John Berry. New York : Kino International : [distributor] Kino on Video, [2001], c1999.
Abstract: Examines the devastating effects of racism on the human spirit through the progress of one couple's lives together under Apartheid, as they are pushed from the bucolic Eden of South African farmlands into a makeshift shelter on the mudflats near Cape Town.
Audio Center DVD S428-1 DVD

Bosnia hotel / directed by Thomas Balmès ; Quark Productions and TBC Productions. New York, N.Y. : Filmakers Library, [n.d.]
Abstract: Juxtaposed with reflections of Samburu warriors from Kenya upon their experience as part of the UN peace-keeping force in Bosnia are their traditional practices of circumcision and blood drinking. African language with English subtitles.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-176 VC

Bye bye Africa / un film de Mahamat Saleh Haroun ; [presentent] les
productions de la lanterne. San Francisco, Calif. : California Newsreel
Abstract: In this reflexive docu-drama about the difficulties of making films in Africa, an exiled film director returns to Chad after the death of his mother. There he discovers, as a result of wars, that motion picture theaters have been abandoned in favor of makeshift video theaters often in private homes. Haroun visits a producer who suggests that he make a film using a video camera and concludes that the important thing is to continue to produce films no matter what the circumstances.
In French and Arabic with English subtitles.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-155 VC

Camp de Thiaroye / Societe Nouvelle de Promotion Cinematographique (S.N.P.C.) présente ; une co-production S.N.P.C., E.N.A.P.R.O.C., S.A.T.P.E.C. ; avec la participatio de Filmi Doomi Reew, Filmi Kajoor [Thies] ; scenario, dialogue et réalisation, Sembene Ousmane, Thierno Faty Sow. New York, NY : New Yorker Films, [1988]
Abstract: African soldiers, returning home after fighting in World War II, are massacred by French colonial authorities in a dispute over pay.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-152 VC

Las cartas de Alou / GOLEM presenta  una produccion Elias Querejeta con la participacion  de Television Espanola S.A. ; Manga  Films, c2004.
Abstract: Tells the story of Alou, an African immigrant, who works his way to Barcelona, where he is due to meet up with a friend. The exploitation and discrimination he faces are accurately documented.
Audio Center DVD Q4-1 DVD

Chef! ; La tête dans les nuages / les films du Raphia ; filmé, produi et réalisé par Jean-Marie Téno. [San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel ; 1999]
Abstract: In "Chef!", the director visits his ancestral village in western Cameroon to film the dedication of a monument to his relative, the local king, when he realizes that the celebration is also for President Paul Biya and his party. The film then explores, through interviews, the problems of one-man rule, from the village to the city, focusing on a variety of human rights issues. "La tête" examines the impact of an unaccountable government and economic mismanagement on the people of Yaoundé.
Audio Center Videocassette E62-1 VC

Cinema in Senegal / produced and directed by Roger Englander. -- Kent, CT : Creative Arts Television Archive, 1997.
Abstract: Senegalese film director Ousmane Sembene and African filmmaker Paulin Soumanou Vieyra discuss filmmaking in Senegal with host Larry Kardish.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-130 VC

Cobra verde / Werner Herzog Filmproduktion ; a film by Werner Herzog. Troy, MI : Anchor Bay Entertainment, 2000.
Abstract: Francisco Manoel da Silva, 19th century, gun-toting Brazilian bandit known as the Cobra Verde, is unknowingly hired by the owner of a sugar plantation to keep his slaves in check but instead, the Cobra manages to sleep with the landowner's daughters and impregnate them. In revenge, the owner sends the Cobra on a dangerous mission to sail to the West coast of Africa and reopen the slave trade, and the Cobra wages war with a local tribal king.
Audio Center Videocassette H582-9 VC

Dakan = Destiny / produít par René Féret ... [et al.] ; un film l'ecrit et réalisé par Mohamed Camara. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, c1997.
Abstract: A contemporary African version of the age-old Romeo and Juliet conflict between love and social convention. When two boys tell their parents they are in love, they respond with, it's impossible. So the two sons try to live heterosexual lives, but they inevitably reunite. And their destiny is both to love and to be lost because society has no place for them. In French and Malinké with English subtitles.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-167 VC

Daresalam / La Sept ARTE présente ; une production Pierre Javaux Productions ; d'apres un scenario de Issa Serge Cœlo et Ismael Ben-Cherif ; adaptation et dialogues, Issa Serge Cœlo et Pierre Erwan Guillaume ; réalisé par Issa Serge Cœlo. San Francisco, Calif. : California Newsreel 2000.
Abstract: This feature film focuses on two young men caught up in the Civil War in Chad. It begins in the 1970s with the story of Koni and Djimi as the central government invades their village and insists on buying the farmer's millet at below market and then browbeats the villagers into paying taxes to help fight the war. When they resist the government burns the village and massacres the inhabitants. Djimi, wounded, remains behind with the hard-liners, while Koni joins a faction which supports compromise with the government.
In French and Arabic with English subtitles.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-158 VC

Dark passages / producers, Tanya Hart, Valerie Whitmore ; studio crew director, Wally Ashby ; a product of Broadcast Video Productions, Inc. ; Black Entertainment Television. [S.l.] : PBS Video [distributor], 1997, c1995.
Abstract: Employes a mixture of interviews, slave narratives, and dramatization. Tells the story of the impact of the Atlantic slave trade. Takes the viewer from the House of Slaves on Goree Island off the coast of Dakar, Senegal, to the village of Juffere on the Gambia River.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-108 VC

The day I will never forget / Women Make Movies. -- New York, NY : Distributed by Women Make Movies, 2002.
Abstract: Examines the practice of female genital mutilation in Kenya and the pioneering African women who are bravely reversing the tradition.
Audio Center Videocassette W872-72VC

Destination : Cameroon / presented by Peace Corps of the United States ; producer, director, scriptwriter, Sandra D. Radtke. Huntsville, Texas : Educational Video Network, 1993.
Abstract: A video journey through the small country on the western coast of Africa. Cameroon has two official languages: French and English. It is a country of many cultures and landscapes, where old traditions blend with contemporary lifestyles.
Audio Center Videocassette C182-1 VC

Discovering the music of Africa / Barr Films ; directed by Bernard Wilets. North Hollywood, CA : Hollywood Select Video, c1987.
Abstract: Describes music and rhythms of Africa, especially Ghana, and how they are used both as music and means of communication. Demonstrates the complex rhythmical music of the bells, rattles and the drums; shows several traditional dances.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-1 VC

Dôlè / Jean-Jacques Hubert et Charles Mensah présentent ; Direct & Differe ; Ce.Na.Ci. ; un film de Imunga Ivanga. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, 2001.
Abstract: "The action takes place in Libreville, the capital of Gabon. This is where Mougler and his friends Baby Lee, Joker, Akson and Bezingo, four fifteen-year-old boys, live. These boys have to fend for themselves, except for Mougler who lives with Maradou, his mother. The gang is tired of thieving and is full of dreams of more ambitious jobs. The opportunity is given to them with the extremely popular betting kiosks in Dôlè. The temptation is great, and so are the risks.
In French with English subtitles.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-160 VC

Faat Kine / Filmi Doom Reew Dakar-Senegal présente ; film de Sembène Ousmane ; directeur de production Wongue Mbengue ; scénario, dialogues, réalisation, Sembène Ousmane. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, [2000]
Abstract: "The deceptively light domestic drama of Faat Kine, a gas station operator born, significantly, the same year as Senegalese independence, 1960.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-151 VC

Family across the sea / South Carolina ETV Network. San Francisco, Calif. : California Newsreel, 1991.
Abstract: A delegation of Gullah people travels from the United States to Sierra Leone to trace the roots of their heritage.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-84 VC

Fathers / Magicworks ; MNET New Directions. [San Francisco, Calif.] :California Newsreel, [c2000].
Abstract: Each of these three films offers a critical look at the relationships between fathers and their children in contemporary Africa. In The father, the patriarch in question is ultimately the military dictatorship which terrorized Ethiopia in the '70s and '80s. Surrender shows the traditional face of paternal tyranny, a father controlling his son's life. A Barber's Wisdom shows a modern father who compromises his children in his relentless pursuit of money.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-157 VC

Femmes aux yeux ouverts = Women with open eyes / un film de Anne Laure Folly ; produit par Amanou Production. San Francisco : California Newsreel, 1994, c1993
Abstract: Surveys social conditions faced by women in Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal and Benin, including circumcision, forced marriage, AIDS, and economic repression. Examines grass-roots efforts toward education and improvement as Africa opens to democracy.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-56 VC

Flame / a co-production, Black & White Film Company, JBA Production, Onland Productions ; written by Ingrid Sinclair with Barbara Jago, Philip Roberts; produced by Simon Bright, Joel Phiri and Jacques Bidou, Bridget Pickering directed by Ingrid Sinclair.
Abstract: Dramatization of the role of women fighters in the Zimbabwean liberation struggle, and of the abuses committed against women and peasants in the military and in Zimbabwean society at large.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-135 VC

Germanin : die Geschichte einer kolonialen Tat / UFA ; Manuskrit, M.W. Kimmich ; Drehbuch, Hans Wolfgang Hillers ; Produktionsleitung, Hans Lehmann ; Regie, M.W. Kimmich. [Chicago] : International Historic Films, Inc. ; Indianapolis, Ind. : German Language Video Center [distributor], c1984.
Abstract: A German doctor in Africa discovers and proves the efficiency of a cure for sleeping sickness -- a serum called "Germanin"-- despite British harassment during and after World War 1.
Audio Center Videocassette K49-2 VC

Goree: door of no return / a film by Ann E. Johnson and Robin Klein ; a Meme Chose Production ; written by Ann E. Johnson. -- Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities, 1992.
Abstract: This documentary covers the arrival of the first Europeans, the origins of slavery in the Americas, the development of Goree Island as the center of the expanding slave trade, and the wealthy merchant women who controlled the slave trade on the island. The program also visits the colonial buildings, the homes of the slave traders, the trading warehouse called the House of Slaves, and the infamous  Door of No Return, the door through which most of America's enslaved people passed on their way to the New World.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-187 VC

Guimba the tyrant / [Idrissa Ouedraogo présente ; une production Kora-Films ; directeur de production, Ibrahima Toure ; un film de Cheick Oumar Sissoko] San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, [1995]
Abstract: A tyrant throws his city into conflict and chaos when he allows his randy, dwarf son to reject an arranged marriage to the slim local beauty in order for him to pursue the girl's larger, married mother. The tyrant then sets his own eyes on the girl, making the situation even worse.
Videocassette A258-142 VC

Heart of the matter : the legacy of Nuremberg / the BBC in association with CTVC ; written and presented by Joan Bakewell ; produced by Anna Laura Malago ; directed by Steve Smith.
Abstract: Shows excerpts from the Nuremberg trials and then discusses their influence on contemporary wars and genocide by looking at war crimes in Bosnia and the process of reconciliation in the new south Africa today. Desmond Tutu, Jacques Verges, Christian Tomuschat and David Cesarani examine moral and ethical issues involved.
Audio Center Videocassette G373-1 VC

Hoffnung im Herz : mündliche Poesie : May Ayim / Regie, Maria Binder ; Produktion, Dagmar Schultz, Maria Binder. [New York : Third World Newsreel, 1997?]
Abstract: A profile of the life and work of Afro-German poet May Ayim, including interview footage and performances at a festival in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1995.
Audio Center Videocassette A977-1 VC

Hotel Rwanda / United Artists presents, in association with Lions Gate Entertainment ; a United Kingdom/South Africa/Italy co-production, in association with the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa ; directed by Terry George. Metro Goldwyn Mayer Home Entertainment, [2005], c2004.
Abstract: The deeply moving true story of a five-star-hotel manager who used his wits and words to save more than 1,200 lives during the 1994 Rwandan conflict.
Audio Center DVD  T349-1 DVD 

In search of human origins / written and produced by Michael Gunton. Boston, Mass. : WGBH Educational Foundation, 1994.
Abstract: Episode 1: The story of Lucy. In 1974, Johanson unearthed Lucy, at almost 3 million years of age, our oldest human ancestor. Lucy's tiny three-and-a-half-foot skeleton set the world of paleoanthropology on its ear. Lucy walked upright and it was proven that a larger brain was the key difference between early man and the ape. Episode 2: Surviving in Africa. Johanson sets out to disprove the long-cherished view that early man's larger brain and reliance on technology are the by-products of the ability to hunt. He embarks on a journey across the Serengeti savanna of East Africa in search of food. He finds it- not by hunting but by scavenging off the leftovers of lions and leopards. Episode 3: The creative revolution. Fifty thousand years ago, a dramatic change swept through the hunter-gatherers then living in Africa. They began to paint, carve, talk, bury their dead, travel and trade. What accounts for this sudden transformation? This question continues to be at the heart of heated debates.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-47 VC

Karmen Gei / Euripide ... [et al.] présentent ; une coproduction Arte France Cinéma, Canal+Horizons ; scénario, Joseph Gaï Ramaka ; producteur, Richard Sadler ; réalisation, Joseph Gaï Ramaka. [San Francisco] : California Newsreel, [2002]
Abstract: Karmen escapes prison through her lesbian relationship with the warden. She then wrecks the marriage and career of a police corporal by making him her lover and co-conspirator in a smuggling ring. She abandons the corporal who, in a fit of jealous rage, stabs her. Contains much singing
and dancing.
French and Wolof with English subtitles.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-159 VC

Keïta! : l'héritage du griot = the heritage of the griot / AFIX Productions ; Les Productions de la Lanterne ; Sahélis Productions ; L'Etat du Burkina ; un film de Dani Kouyaté. San Francisco : California Newsreel, 1995.
Abstract: Based on one of the most important works of African oral literature, the Sundjata epic. When a djéliba, a master griot or bard, arrives mysteriously at the home of Mabo Keïta to teach him "the meaning of his name," the boy and griot are inevitably brought into conflict with his Westernized mother and schoolteacher, who have rejected African tradition. The griot reveals to Mabo the story of his distant ancestor, Sundjata Keïta, the 13th century founder of the great Malian trading empire.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-57 VC

Kibeho Africa : Mary speaks to the world / produced, edited, and written by Drew J. Mariani and Anne McGeehan-McGlone ; directed by William F. Bozarth. Lima, Pa. : Marian Communications, c1988.
Abstract: In Rowanda, Africa, a spiritual phenomenon has been taking place since 1981. Known as Mother of the World, the Blessed Virgin has been appearing to seven young children: six girls and one boy. The apparitions are not only of Mary, but they also include Jesus.
Audio Center Videocassette C363-116 VC

Laïla / un film de Catherine Tissier; iO production. [Paris] : La Médiathèque des trois mondes, 1999.
Abstract: Documentary film tells the story of Laïla and Yasmina, twenty-year old Maghrébine women who are pregnant. While Yasmina chooses to give birth to her baby, Laïla decides to have an abortion. VHS format (PAL)
Audio Center Videocassette T615-1 VC

The life and times of Sara Baartman : "The Hottentot Venus" / A film by Zola Maseko ; [present] Dominant 7, Mail & Guardian Television, France 3 and SABC 2. New York, N.Y. : First Run/Icarus Films, [1998]
Abstract: A documentary film of the life of a Khoikhoi woman who was taken from South Africa in 1810 and exhibited as a freak across Britain. The image and ideas for "The Hottentot Venus" (particularly the interest in her sexual anatomy) swept through British popular culture. A court battle waged by abolitionists to free her from her exhibitors failed. In 1814, a year before her death, she was taken to France and became the object of scientific research that formed the bedrock of European ideas about black female sexuality.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-126 VC

The Lions of Dakar. New York, NY : Gessler Pub. Co., 1990.
Abstract: Focuses on Afro Pop, the musical movement which blends traditional West African and American rhythms. Features Youssou N'Dour, Ismael Lo and Super Diamono de Daker and commentary by European and African music critics.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-129 VC

Long night's journey into day / Iris Films/Iris Feminist Collective.
San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, c2000.
Abstract: For over forty years, South Africa was governed by the most notorious form of racial domination since Nazi Germany. When it finally collapsed, those who had enforced apartheid's rule wanted amnesty for their crimes. Their victims wanted justice. As a compromise, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was formed. As it investigated the crimes of apartheid, the Commission brought together victims and perpetrators to relive South Africa's brutal history. By revealing the past instead of burying it, the TRC hoped to pave the way to a peaceful future.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-124 VC

The Lost city of Zimbabwe / Arkios Productions in association with The Archaeological Institute of America at Boston University & The Learning Channel. Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities & Sciences : Devillier/Donegan Enterprises [distributor], c1993.
Abstract: Long mistakenly identified as the remnants of some ancient white civilization, the spectacular ruins of the Great Zimbabwe are only now being recognized for what they are : southern Africa's first city. This program looks at the work being done to restore this archaeological site to its African heritage.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-141 VC

Lumumba / Jacques Bidou présente ; une production JBA Production ... [et al.] ; scénario, Raoul Peck, Pascal Bonitzer ; produit par Jacques Bidou ; un film de Raoul Peck. [New York, N.Y.] : Zeitgeist Films, [2001?]
Abstract: Dramatizes the life of Congolese revolutionary, Patrice Lumumba, who lead his country to independence from Belgium in 1960. He served, for less than a year, as the first elected prime minister until he was brutally assassinated.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-97 VC c.2

Mama Benz & the taste of money / written and directed by Karin Junger; produced by Carmen Cobos ; a Ryninks Films production in co-production with IKON and RNTV. New York, N.Y. : Filmakers Library, c2002.
Abstract: A documentary on the marketing in West Africa (specifically, in Togo and Burkina Faso) of textiles produced by Vlisco, a Dutch company. The local market women who sell Vlisco cloth have become very wealthy and are affectionately referred to as Mama Benz because they can afford to have a chauffeured Mercedes Benz. This film focuses on the interplay between the men of Vlisco and the West African market women they depend on to sell their product. Dialogue in French with English subtitles; limited narration in English.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-173 VC

Marcus Garvey: toward Black Nationhood / A production of West Germany Television, Cologne. Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities, c1983, 1990?
Abstract: "Marcus Mosiah Garvey, b. Jamaica 1887, d. 1940, organized the black nationalist movement of the 1920's in the United States. Garvey went to New York City in 1916 and recruited followers for his Universal Negro Improvement Association. Its program was to unite all black peoples through the establishment in Africa of a country and government of their own. Garvey was a magnetic speaker and led his followers in parades through Harlem. In 1921 he claimed nearly 1 million followers. Garvey's newspaper, Negro World, carried his views to all parts of the United States. He preached economic independence, pride of a race, and the need for black Americans to return to Africa. He organized a steamship company, the Black Star Line, to provide a commercial link among all the black peoples of the world. His methods of selling stock in the line led to his conviction of U.S. mail fraud and he served 3 years of a 5- year sentence, pardoned by Pres. Coolidge and deported to Jamaica in 1927. There he died celebrated as a National Hero in 1940".
Audio Center Videocassette A258-34 VC

Martin and Osa Johnson's Simba / recorded for the screen by Mr. & Mrs. Martin Johnson under the auspices of the American Museum of Natural History. New York, NY : Milestone Film & Video, c1992.
Abstract: Records Martin and Osa Johnson's expedition to East Africa, 1923-1928, the chief purpose of which was to capture on film the rapidly disappearing African wildlife as well as East African peoples and their customs. Includes footage of elephants, giraffes and lions.
Audio Center Videocassette J68-2 VC

Mobutu, King of Zaire : an African tragedy / Les Films de la Passerelle, Image Création, Les Films d'Ici present a series by Thierry Michel ; produced by Christine Pireaux, Martine Barbé, Serge Lalou. New York, NY : First Run/Icarus Films, 1999.
Abstract: "The definitive visual record of the rise and fall of Joseph Désiré Mobutu, ruler of Zaire (the Congo) for over 30 years. Drawing upon 140 hours of rare archival material found in Kinshasa, and 50 hours of interviews with those once close to him, it tells the story of the man at the heart of Central Africa's post-colonial history"--Container.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-150 VC

Monday's girls / a Lloyd Gardner production for BBC TV ; director, Ngozi Onwurah. San Francisco : California Newsreel, [1994].
Abstract: A tribal chieftain's daughter who has lived in a large city for some time agrees to return to her native village for traditional pre-marital ceremonies involving body painting, public breast examination and five-weeks' confinement to "fattening rooms." Her refusal to fully participate in the ritual sparks a crisis underlining the conflict between traditional and modern African lifestyles.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-55 VC

Mortu nega = Those whom death refused / um filme de Flora Gomes. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, [1998?]
Abstract: "In 1973, independence was proclaimed [in Guinea Bissau], ending five centuries of Portuguese colonization and a decade of armed struggle. [This film], Gomes' first feature- length film, portrays this critical period in history through the story of one woman, Diminga, whose husband is fighting on the front lines. The camera captures Cabral's assassination, the ending of hostilities, and the reconstruction of the economically and spiritually devastated country struggling with drought and famine. The term "Mortu Nega" means those that death did not want, and Gomes films a ceremony using 3000 extras, in which survivors call upon the dead, asking them how they can go on living in such terrible conditions"--Le monde Cannes, '96 supplement, May 10.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-147 VC

Mzwakhe Mbuli, the people's poet. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel [sic, 1991?]
Abstract: Black South African poet Mzwakhe Mbuli discusses his poetry and how it relates to Black efforts at ending apartheid in South Africa, plus what he had to go through in his personal efforts at ending apartheid.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-29 VC

N!ai : the story of a !Kung woman / produced by John Marshall and Sue Marshall-Cabezas ; directed and edited by Adrienne Miesmer and John Marshall; a co-production of Documentary Educational Resources and Public Broadcasting Associates. Watertown, MA : Documentary Educational Resources, c1980.
Abstract: A compilation of footage of the !Kung people of Namibia from 1951 through 1978. Focuses on the changes in the life of these people as seen through the reflections of one woman, N!ai.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-122 VC

Nelson Mandela / Multimedia Entertainment, Inc. Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities, c1990.
Abstract: One-on-one interview with Phil Donahue via satellite from Lusaka, Zambia in February, 1990. Mandela retraces his journey from insurrectionist to statesman, analyzing the psychological and political effects of his long imprisonment.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-23 VC

Nirgendwo in Afrika = Nowhere in Africa / Zeitgeist Films ; Culver City, Calif. : Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, 2003.
Abstract: Based on the book by the same name by Stefanie Zweig, this is the award winning true tale of a Jewish family who flee the Nazi regime in 1938 and learns to cope with their new life, and each other, on a remote farm in Kenya.
Audio Center DVD L735-1 DVD

Othello / a presentation of Films for the Humanities and Sciences ; produced by Othello Productions & Focus Films in association with Portobello. [S. l.] : Othello Productions ; Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities [distributor], c1992, 1988.
Abstract: A controversial and powerful interpretation of Shakespeare's tragedy; performed before a multi-racial audience in South Africa.
Audio Center Videocassette S527-62 VC

La petite vendeuse de Soleil = The little girl who sold The sun / productrice exécutive et deleguée, Silvia Voser ; écrit et réalisé, Djibril Diop Mambety ; production Waka Films SA (Suisse), Cephéide Productions (France), Maag Daan Sénégal). San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel [distributor], 1999.
Abstract: Parable uses the struggles of a young crippled girl in Dakar trying to earn her living in the market place selling newspapers to mirror Africa's role in the international marketplace.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-69 VC

Pieces d'identites : = id / un film écrit, réalisé et produit par Mweze Ngangura. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, 1998.
Abstract: A Congolese king searches for his daughter in Brussels where for a time he loses his royal fetishes, his identity, but finds a friend, a local cabdriver with a secret identity. With his help and a chain of coincidence (it must be destined), Mani Kongo is reunited with his daughter and his regalia and returns to Africa with a circle of friends.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-111 VC

Portrait of Altinè in the dry season / a coproduction Ethnos, Pidgin ; by Elisa Mereghetti, Marco Mensa New York, NY : Filmakers Library, [2001].
Abstract: Twenty seven year-old Altinè is a mother of two, living on the plains of Northern Senegal. As we watch her going about her daily chores, rhythmically threshing the millet, cooking over an open fire, she tells us of her aspirations. Her strongest wish is for adequate food, good health, and to remain close to her family. Images of Western life have not penetrated her village, which is three hours from a paved road. English and Fula with English subtitles.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-178 VC

Pygmies of the rain forest -- Santa Monica, Calif. : Pyramid Films, [1976]. Producer, director, and writer, Kevin Duffy; scientific advisor, Colin Turnbull ; narrator, Joseph  Campanella.
Abstract: Details the everyday life of the Mbuti Pygmies in the remote Ituri Forest of Zaire, Africa – a life essentially unchanged for thousands of years. As nomads they grow no crops ; instead they utilize all of the resources of the forest for their daily needs; shelter, clothing, utensils, food.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-193 VC

Quartier Mozart. New York : Kino Video, 1992.
Abstract: 'Quartier Mozart' uses traditional Cameroonian folk beliefs to explore the sexual politics of an urban neighborhood. It is the story of 48 hours in a working class neighborhood in Yaounde, Cameroon's capital. It recounts the education of a young schoolgirl, still 'proud like a woman who has never known men.'
Audio Center Videocassette A258-139 VC

Roots of rhythm / Cultural Research and Communication, Inc. ; KCET Los Angeles ; produced and directed by Eugene Rosow and Howard Dratch ; written by Linda Post. New York : New Video Group, c1997.
Abstract: Traces the origins of Latin music from Spain and Africa to the New World (program 1). Focuses on pop music developed in Cuba and examines how North Americans began to discover this island's musical treasures (program 2). Shows how Spanish-African music has become the basic part of popular musical culture of the U.S. (program 3).
Audio Center Videocassette R461-1 VC

Rostov-Luanda / Producer/director/writer, Abderrahmane Sissako. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, c1997.
Abstract: Sissako spent a year in Rostov on the Don and there became friends with a young man from Angola. This film chronicles the director's search for a friend of the past. In this personal retrospective, Sissako encounters present-day Angola and traces the great lines of Africa's recent history. In Portuguese and French with English subtitles.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-163 VC

Rwanda : how history can lead to genocide : a film / by Robert Genoud ; Les Films du Village, R.T.N.B., 8 Mont Blanc Television. New York, NY : Filmakers Library, c1995.
In English with some interviews in French with English subtitles.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-175 VC

The Shape of darkness : an exploration of African art / Anthony Roland Films. Northbrook, Ill. : Roland Collection, c1976.
Abstract: Discusses the link between art of the African Negro and his surroundings, his ritual and daily life.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-17 VC

Si-gueriki: la reine-mere / un film de Idrissou Mora Kpai ; Les Films du Raphia. – San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, 2003.
In Bariba and French with English subtitles.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-205 VC

Sizwe Bansi is dead / Miami-Dade Community College ; BBC/British Open University ;produced and directed by Andrew Martin. -- New York, NY: Insight Media, c1992.
Abstract: Discusses stylization,avant-gardism, black theatre, and realism using Athol Fugard's play Sizwe Bansi is Dead.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-168 VC

Spear of the nation : the story of the African National Congress / produced and directed by Ian Stuttard, David Tereshchuk ; Thames Television, produced in association with the International Broadcasting Trust. Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities, 1991, c1986.
Abstract: Traces the history of the African National Congress from its origins at the turn of the century to date. Focuses on its role in the struggle for freedom in South Africa.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-39 VC

The spice route : the discovery of the sea route to Africa and Asia / ein Film von Ebbo Demant. New York, N.Y. : Filmakers Library, inc., [1998?].
Abstract: "The film takes us step by step from the first landing in 1434 on the West African coast through the fearsome rounding of the Cape of Good Hope, up the coast of East Africa and across the Indian Ocean to Asia
Audio Center Videocassette A258-171 VC

The story of jazz / a co-production of Toby Byron/Multiprises in association with Taurus Film, Munich, BMG Video, and VideoArts Music ; directed by Matthew Seig ; produced by Toby Byron, Richard Saylor ; written by Chris Albertson with Matthew Seig. New York, N.Y. : BMG Video, c1993.
Abstract: The story of jazz begins in the 1830s in Congo Square, the small square in New Orleans where slaves performed the wondrous, rhythmic sounds of Africa, and goes on to tell a colorful tale of cross-cultural influences that produced a constantly evolving, enduring music. Includes profiles of the pivotal figures in jazz, and archive footage of performances by Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, and many other important artists.
Audio Center J42-15 VC

Strange beliefs / written and presented by Bruce Dakowski. Princeton, NJ : Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 1990.
Abstract: Sir Edward Evans-Pritchard was the first trained anthropologist to do work in Africa, where he lived among the Azande and studied their belief in witchcraft.
Audio Center Videocassette S897-6 VC

Ta Dona / Kora Film et le C.N.P.C. - Mali ; ecrit et réalisé par Adama Drabo. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, 1991.
Abstract: Ta Dona is the story of the quest for secret knowledge by a young Bambara man. While working in a peasant village, the hero, Sidy, searches for the "seventh canari", a forgotten, secret Bambara herbal remedy used in childbirth. Faced with a scorching drought and a corrupt government, Sidy manages to save the village and rediscover the seventh canari.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-53 VC

O testamento do Senhor Napumoceno = Napumoceno's will. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, [1998]
Abstract: "O Testamento do Senhor Napumoceno is an epic, or at least an epic farce, from one of the world's least known but most culturally complex societies - Cape Verde. This classic tale of the hollowness at the core of provincial bourgeois life introduces English speaking audiences to Germano Almeida, one of the outstanding writers in Portuguese today. With its novelistic breadth, the film offers a bildungsroman of a man and a society so caught up in the pursuit of conventional success and prestige it overlooks its true self almost until it is too late"--From the California Newsreel Web site.
Audio Center Videocassette M289-1 VC

These hands / Full Frame ; written, produced and directed by Flora
M'Mbugu-Schelling. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, [1994?].
Abstract: Surveys a typical workday in the lives of some women in Tanzania-- refugees from Mozambique who manually mine gravel used for making concrete for urban building projects.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-164 VC

Touki-Bouki = The journey of the hyena / produit et réalise par Djibril Diop Mambéty. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, c1973.
Abstract: Mory and Anta, desparate to escape the shantytown where they live, dream of winning wealth and power in France. They go on an exhilirating chase through Dakar as they try gambling, stealing and prostitution to get the money for their passage. At the last moment, Mory bolts from the ship, suddenly aware that Western consumer culture is just another trap.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-138 VC

Trading in Africans : The Dutch outposts in West Africa / A film by Jan Dorresteijn. Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities, c1990.
Abstract: This presentation shows the Portuguese and Dutch intrusion into West Africa and consequently the slave trade during the 15th cent. The Portuguese in the quest for gold founded commercial colonies, such as Sâo Jorge da Mina (Elmina) on the "Gold Coast. The inhumanity in slave-trading during this era is vividly narrated and portrayed.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-40 VC

Visages de femmes / New Yorker Films Artwork ; Desire Ecare - Films de la Lagune : Ivory Coast. New York, N.Y. : New Yorker Films Artwork, c1995, [1985]
Abstract: Politically and stylistically adventurous film exploring the links between feminism, economics and tradition in modern-day Africa.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-133 VC

Warrior marks / a Hauer Rawlence Production in association with Our Daughters Have Mothers, Inc. for Channel 4 ; producer and director, Pratibha Parmar. New York, NY : Distributed by Women Make Movies, 1993.
Abstract: Documentary about female genital mutilation in Africa. Includes interviews with victims, activists against female circumcision, and circumsizers.
Audio Center Videocassette P253-1 VC

Wodaabe les bergers du soleil = Herdsmen of the sun / Interama ; produced by Patrick Sandrin ; directed by Werner Herzog. New York, N.Y. : Interama Video Classics, c1992.
Abstract: Filming the Woodabe in the drought stricken Sahara, Herzog focuses on one tribal ritual. Once a year in what amounts to a beauty pageant, the young men dress up and parade in front of the women. Each woman must then chose and spend the next few nights with the man she finds most beautiful.
Audio Center Videocassette H582-5 VC

Wonders of the African world / Wall to Wall Television for BBC and PBS in association with ITEL ; written and presented by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Alexandria, Va.] : Distributed by PBS Home Video, c1999.
Abstract: This documentary presents Henry Louis Gates, Jr. on a journey from Zanzibar to Timbuktu, the Nile River Valley to Great Zimbabwe, the slave coast of Guinea to the medieval monasteries of Ethiopia in search of the lost wonders of the African world.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-121 VC

Woubi chéri / La Sept ARTE & Dominant 7 présentent ; un film de Philip Brooks & Laurent Bocahut. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, 1998.
Abstract: Woubi Chéri is the first film to give African homosexuals a chance to describe their world in their own words. Often funny, sometimes ribald, but always real, this documentary introduces us to gender pioneers demanding their right to construct a distinct African homosexuality.
In French with English subtitles.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-162 VC

Xala / a film by Ousmane Sembene. New York, NY : New Yorker Films, 1974.
Abstract: Based on Sembene's novel, a savage and funny satire on the impotence of young African nations over-dependent on European technology and white bureaucratic structures.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-131 VC

Yaaba / a New Yorker Films release ;Arcadia Films, Les Films de l'Avenir, Thelma Film AG ;written and directed by Idrissa Ouedraogo. -- New York, N.Y. : New Yorker Video, [c1999].
Abstract: A young girl and her cousin Bila happen upon an old witch outcast bytheir village many years before. Although forbidden by his parents to have any contact with the old lady, Bila is drawn to her mystique and the fear she brings to the village.
Audio Center Videocassette A258-132 VC

Zulu. Dover, NJ : Belle & Blade Studios, c1996.
Abstract: A handful of British engineers entrench themselves in an isolated outpost called Rorke's Drift and prepare to face a series of vicious assaults by more than 4,000 Zulu warriors.
Audio Center DVD B438-1 DVD

Zulu wars 1879 : the disaster at Isandhlwana / Cromwell Films Limited. Stratford-upon-Avon, England : Cromwell Films, Ltd., 1992.
Abstract: In January 1879 a British expeditionary force entered Zululand to pursue what should have been a short sharp subjugation of the upstart Zulu nation. It led to the disaster of Isandhlwana, the greatest British military reverse of the Victorian era. This is their story.
Audio Center Videocassette H745-8 VC

Videos and DVD's in Media Resources

Library Resources

Allah Tantou, a la grace de Dieu = Allah Tantou, God's will be done / Archibald Films. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, 1991.
Abstract: Through home movies, old newsreels, letters and fictional reconstruction of imprisonment, this film examines the life of the filmmaker's father, a diplomat under the Sekou Toure regime, who later disappeared into the Guinean gulag. Film reevaluates the turbulent decade of African independence and discusses its relevance to the new political order on the continent.
Campus Resources Media Resources 115 DeBartolo

Clando = Clandestine / Les Films du Raphia ; un film de Jean-Marie Teno. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, [1996]
Abstract: Sobgui, a former computer programmer, drives a "clando" cab in Douala, Cameroon's streets. He is clandestine, not just because his cab is unlicensed, but because he is hiding from his past. When a radical political group involves him a revenge slaying of an informer, Sobgui knows that it is time to get out of Douala. He gets his chance when he is asked to find a wealthy villager's son in Germany. The film represents a dilemma facing educated Africans: whether to work to change the autocratic regimes at home or seek their fortunes abroad.
Campus Resources Media Resources 115 DeBartolo

Everyone's child / a Media for Development Trust production ; screenplay by John Riber, Andrew Whaley, and Tsitsi Dangarembga ; produced by Jonny Persey, John Riber, Ben Zulu ; directed by Tsitsi Dangarembga. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, c1996.
Abstract: In a rural village in Zimbabwe, Tamari and Itai are devastated when both their parents die of AIDS. For the four children this is a time of fear and survival as family and neighbors turn their heads away because of the stigma of AIDS. The city is just as hostile as is the village. In the end it is only tragedy that can bridge the gulf of denial and make the community realize that these are everyone's children.
Campus Resources Media Resources 115 DeBartolo

Finzan / une co-production Kora Films, ZDF, CNPC ; scénario et réalisation, Cheick Oumar Sissoku. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, c1990.
Abstract: Tells the story of two women's rebellion. Nanyuma, a young widow, refuses her ct brother-in-law, the village fool, when he asserts his traditional right to "inherit" her. Fili, a young girl sent from the city by her conservative father, is brutally circumcised by the village women who are scandalized that she resists the age-old custom.
Campus Resources Media Resources 115 DeBartolo

In a time of violence. Part 1, The line / an Afravision production in association with International Broadcasting Trust for Channel Four Television. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, 1994.
Abstract: This is the story of Bongani and Mpho, two young ANC "comrades" and lovers from Soweto. Bongani is the sole witness to a train massacre by Duma, a militant with the Zulu-supported Inkatha Freedom Party. Since Bongani was recognized, the couple is forced to take refuge in his uncle's apartment in Johannesburg.
Campus Resources Media Resources 115 DeBartolo

In a time of violence. Part 2, All on edge / an Afravision production in association with International Broadcasting Trust for Channel Four Television. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, 1994.
Abstract: In this episode, Bongani disagres with the plan by Mpho and his other ANC "comrades" to purchase guns for a retaliatory raid against Inkatha supportes. Mpho finally managed to buy guns from Pedro but her relationship with Bongani becomes strained. When they part on a busy street, Bongani is kidnapped by an unmarked police car.
Campus Resources Media Resources 115 DeBartolo

In a time of violence. Part 3, Fire with fire / an Afravision production in association with International Broadcasting Trust for Channel Four Television. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, 1994.
Abstract: At this third and final episode, Bongani is held secretly by Lieutenant Vissers who threatens to turn him over to Duma, the Inkatha thug, if he doesn't name ANC activists. But Bongani's friends and lawyer have identified the kidnap vehicle as a police car and bring pressure on the police. Visser's superior tel him that he must release Bongani.
Campus Resources Media Resources 115 DeBartolo

Mapantsula / a Max Montocchio production ; [presented by] Haverbeam and David Hannay ; an Oliver Schmitz and Thomas Mogotlane film. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, 1988.
Abstract: Panic is a mapantsula, a Zulu term for a petty crook. Set in South Africa, he is imprisoned with Anti-apartheid activists. There he is transformed into a man willing to become involved with social change.
Campus Resources Media Resources 115 DeBartolo

Quand les étoiles rencontrent la mer / adaptation et dialogues, Raymond Rajaonarivelo et Santiago Amigorena ; produit par Jacques Le Glou ; un film de Raymond Rajaonarivelo. San Francisco, Calif. : California Newsreel, c1996.
Abstract: Raymond Rajaonarivelo follow his epic first film on the Malagasy liberation struggle, Taba Taba, with a very different, poetic film exploring the relationship between traditional and modern concepts of human freedom.A boy born during a lunar eclipse survives abandonment and inherits magical powers.
Campus Resources Media Resources 115 DeBartolo

Sango Malo. San Francisco, Calif. : California Newsreel [distributor], [1991?]
Abstract: Sango Malo is an engaging example of the socially committed African cinema which is playing an important role in the continent's democratic renewal. The film argues passionately for populist education as a key component of an emerging "human centered" development paradigm. It offers non-African viewers the most intimate portrait on films of the complex social dynamic underlying the economic and political democratization of a typical African village.
Campus Resources Media Resources 115 DeBartolo

Taafe fanga = Pouvoir de pagne = Skirt power / un film de Adama Drabo ; une coproduction Taare Films. San Francisco, Calif. : California Newsreel, c1997.
Abstract: In an eighteenth century Dogon village, the women terrorize the men into assuming traditional women's roles. Taafe Fanga, through humor and imagination, offers a masterful and utterly involving introduction to the Dogon worldview. It shows how this ancient mythology still sheds light on modern issues through a wry tale of women's continuing struggles against male power.
Campus Resources Media Resources 115 DeBartolo

Tableau ferraille. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, 1997.
Abstract: Tells the story of an idealistic young politician's rise and fall. Daam, a well-intentioned but vacillating European- trained politician, must choose between two social paradigms exemplified by his two wives. The film offers a view of how modernization, as practiced in today's Africa, corrodes traditional communities and retards grassroots development.
Campus Resources Media Resources 115 DeBartolo

Wênd Kûuni = Le don de Dieu / La Direction du Cinéma ; un film produit par la Republique de Haute-Volta ; réalisateur, Gaston Kaboré ; scripte, Marie-Jeanne Kanyala ; producteur délégué, Gaston J.M. Kaboré. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, c1982.
Abstract: A mute foundling is raised in an African village by a weaver and his family. The mute regains his powers of speech only after a shock, then reveals his origins and reasons for dumbness.
Campus Resources Media Resources 115 DeBartolo

Yeelen = Brightness / Cinecom ; Filimus SISE béna Cissé Films ; ka dja laben nè, Solomani Sise. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel [distributor], c1987.
Abstract: Shows the destructive conflict between a father and son who vie with each other for knowledge of the secrets of nature.
Campus Resources Media Resources 115 DeBartolo

Zan Boko / un film de Gaston J.M. Kaboré ; scénario et réalisation, Gaston J.M. Kaboré. San Francisco, CA : California Newsreel, c1987.
Abstract: Zan boko means "the place where the placenta is buried" and symbolizes the continuity between past and present in African village societies. The film tells the story of one village swallowed up by one of Africa's large cities and the change from agrarian society to a mass media culture.
Campus Resources Media Resources 115 DeBartolo


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