Linardi y Risso
Montevideo, Uruguay


I. General Information

The University of Notre Dame is responsible for collecting Uruguayan imprints as part of the Latin Americanist Research Resources Project.   Our goal is to collect all significant literary works by Uruguayans.  Just as importantly, we want to collect locally produced Uruguayan literary works (fiction, short story, poetry, drama, and essay) and works by new Uruguayan writers that most libraries in the United States will not acquire.  Ultimately, we will have the finest collection of Uruguayan literature in the United States.

Books to be supplied should include all original titles published in Uruguay that meet the subject specifications listed below. Do not include books in languages other than Spanish (e.g., Spanish, Indian dialects).  However, please notify us of any such publications that you consider outstanding.

Specifically excluded are periodicals and journals, translations into Spanish, off prints and separates, pamphlets, and juvenile literature.

Electronic literary texts or new printed editions which are accompanied by a CD-ROM or floppy disks can be included only if they can be loaded on the University of Notre Dame's servers without any type of restrictions.

Publications supplied are to be priced no higher than the trade price that is current at the time of shipment to the Library.

II. Subject Specifications

1st Priority:  20th and 21st century - Prose fiction, anthologies, poetry, drama, narrative, and literary essay.

2nd Priority: 16th – 19th century – Prose fiction, anthologies, poetry, drama, narrative, literary essay, cultural studies.

3rd Priority: General histories, annotated anthologies, and bibliographies of Uruguayan literature.  Critical essays on poetry, drama, narrative, and the literary essay.  Works on Uruguayan thought and culture.  Critical essays on and critical editions of works by Uruguayan authors.

III. Special Cases

A. Please quote before sending any item costing more than the allocated limit per volume ($75 U.S.).

B. Please quote before sending reprints of earlier works unless a diskette or CD-ROM that can be loaded accompanies the work on the University of Notre Dame’s server without any licensing restrictions.

C. Please do not send imprints that are older than two years, but inform us of their availability.

D. Please quote any items that you consider to have real value, but which do not fit any of the above subject specifications or which fit subjects normally excluded.

E. Please do not send the first issue only of each new scholarly periodical or journal.

F. Treat monographs in numbered and series as regular monographs.


Created by: Scott Van Jacob
Date: January 2005