Polish Language Approval Plan



Highly selective (the best) works from the following categories:

  1. Bibliographies, reference works;
  2. Works dealing with theory, methodology, organization and history of a topic;
  3. Primary source materials;
  4. Fundamental and comprehensive research.



  1. Any publication from the Catholic University of Lublin.
  2. Translations into Polish.
  3. Music scores.
  4. Reprints.
  5. Maps.
  6. Journals, supplements to journals and yearbooks.
    Exception :  best and most important statistical yearbooks.
  7. Popular and non-scholarly materials.



Polish literature (PG7001 - PG7154):

Major classical literary works, including important critical editions and major works by established contemporary writers.

Polish history (DK401 - DK440):

Major works on history from the 15th century onward; early modern Gdansk/Danzig and Krakow between the 14th and 17th centuries; Czech, German, and Polish Silesia from the 15th century onward. Only the most scholarly materials on World War II.

Polish social and political thought:

Major works on Polish social history, 1815-1939, including working class formation, industrialization, development of popular religions and national working class movements. Focus on 1980 onward, with emphasis on emergence of civil society, post-communist state construction, political party systems in post-communist states, transition from communism to post-communism.

Polish-Soviet relations:

Political, economic and military, both before and after World War II. Emphasize relations between the communist parties, and Polish-Soviet relations in the 1980s.

Polish-German relations after 1945.

Polish-German relations with East and West Germany after 1949.

Polish Labor Movement, including Anti-Labor Movement.

Polish international political economy: Emphasis on foreign aid, trade, investment, the post-World War II (1945- ) period.

Polish intellectual history (1500 to present):

Emphasis on the 19th and early 20th centuries, on nationalism and Marxism.

Catholic theology/philosophy.

Protestant and Catholic theology during the Reformation period -- late 15th through early 18th centuries.

Economics (Post-World War I).

Judaica:  15th century onward.

Politics (Post-World War I).

Prussia (early modern period).

Polish art, with emphasis on the 15th through 18th centuries.

Polish cultural history, including theater and music:

Major works only.

Ethnic minority relations.

Gender studies.

Note:  Where a choice of editions is an option, the English language edition is preferred.

Exception: Polish literature.


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