Israeli Approval Plan Profile



  • per year--$3,000
  • per work--maximum of $75 for a single-volume work, $100 for a multivolume work.

Format:  50 pages or more for a single-volume work; multivolume works up to $100.


  • Predominantly English
  • Selected Hebrew titles which represent major scholarly works.

General Profile:  Include works from the following categories:

  1. Bibliographies, reference works.
  2. Works dealing with theory, methodology, organization and history of a topic.
  3. Primary source materials.
  4. Fundamental and comprehensive research.


Topical Profile:

  1. Bible and Archaeology; include only post-biblical exegesis of scripture, especially Midrash and medieval exegesis; only post-biblical archaeology.
  2. Jewish History; all post-biblical periods, including Jewish biographies, historical criticism, economic history, publications of source material, histories of individual communities, works on the Holocaust; exclude works on modern Israel and modern Zionism.
  3. Jewish Thought: scholarly works on religion, theology, and philosophy.
  4. Hebrew Language and Literature; history of Hebrew language, Hebrew-English dictionaries only.
  5. Sifrei Kodesh (include only English-language reprints of earlier editions of biblical exegesis, Midrash, codes of Jewish law); Mysticism, Hasidism, and Kabbalah (include reprints of classic works and scholarly secondary works); Jewish liturgy.

Exclusions (General):   Translations into Hebrew, dual publications with publishers from countries outside Israel, maps, journals, popular and non-university materials.

Exclusions (Monographic Series:   Atiqot , Qedem (already on standing order)

Version 9/2/93


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