Hesburgh Libraries of Notre Dame
Kenny's Approval Plan Profile for Irish Studies

Part I. Purpose.

The University Libraries of Notre Dame aims to develop world-class collections in Irish Studies. We need to acquire all materials of an academic nature being published in Ireland, including the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland. At the same time, we want to avoid receiving duplicates of titles published in England or the United States. We prefer that forms be sent for questionable editions, as is customary with other approval dealers.

Our purpose is to acquire, through this plan, works which will support research in our academic programs in Irish Studies. Thus, all titles sent should be of a nature appropriate to a university library research collection.

Restrict the plan to current imprints. Exclude scholarly journals or periodicals. Exclude materials of a juvenile or popular nature, as well as self-help books. Exclude broadsides. While all serials publications should be excluded, we request notification of new serial titles of an academic nature as they appear.

Part II. Subjects to be Supplied:


Send all publications of a scholarly nature in archaeology, including works which cover early and medieval history in Ireland. Send forms for works published in Scotland and Wales.


Send all scholarly works on the history of Irish architecture, and commentary on modern and contemporary architecture.


Send all publications, including exhibition catalogues, from the National Gallery of Ireland. Include all scholarly works by and about major Irish artists and architects. Send all major publications from the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland.

Exclude Decorative Arts and Textile Arts.


Send commentary on painting and related arts that has special or specific reference to Ireland; on the history and traditions of Irish painting; commentary on art in a general sense by any notable Irish commentators; commentary on specific Irish collections, private or public; catalogues of important exhibitions, especially in the following galleries:

The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin;
The Green on Red Gallery, Dublin;
The Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, Dublin;
The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin;
The National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin;
The National Museum of Ireland, Dublin;
The RHA Gallagher Gallery, Dublin;
The Crawford Gallery, Cork;
The Ulster Museum, Belfast;


History of cinema, television, radio, newspapers, impact of new technologies, and commentary on these and related areas.


Include plays for stage, screen and television. Include theatre history.

Send listings only of videos (U.S. format.)


Send all scholarly works on Irish Economic History (including bibliographies); current commentary on the Irish economy, including all works from the Institute for Public Administration; and specific studies on Irish economists or editions of works by them.


Include all works on Irish emigration, including works on the Irish in America and Irish settlements in other countries.


Include all autobiographies and memoirs. Include bibliographies of fiction.

Send listings of new novels by new writers.

Include novels and short stories of established literary merit by authors who have received critical acclaim or have received literary prizes. Include critical editions of collected works and anthologies of stories.

Include translations of Irish authors from Irish into English language only. Exclude translations of Irish authors into other languages.


All critical and scholarly material in relation to Irish Cinema; send catalogues only from the Irish Film Centre.


Send scholarly works only.


Send all scholarly works, including scholarly editions, in both Irish and English on Irish history published by major presses, including geography, national atlases, and accounts of voyages and travels.

Send all works published in the humanities from the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies and the Royal Irish Academy. Send works published by the Economic and Social Research Institute. Send all works published by the Ulster Historical Foundation. Send all publications from the Northern Ireland Local History Society.

Send all publications issued by Queen's University, Belfast.
Send all Ordnance surveys.

Exclude popular works written primarily for tourists.

Exclude genealogy, unless such works have a scholarly dimension.


Include all prose fiction. Include poetry of C. Ó Searcaigh, Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill and other major poets. Include all works in archaeology, sociology, Irish local history, folklore, advance grammar books, linguistics and philology, drama and theatre, literary criticism, music, religion, sports, science, botany and geology. Exclude children's literature, school exercise books, and books on Irish Law.


Send scholarly works (including scholarly editions) on Irish law in Irish or English. (There is some notable scholarship in the Irish language on Early Irish Law).


Include critical commentary on literature in any language published in Ireland.

Include criticism of any English language literature published in Ireland, not just Anglo-Irish literature. Include all chronological periods.


Send only histories of major Irish cities and cultural regions. Include important works in Irish local and regional history. Exclude genealogical works of a popular nature.


Exclude Music.


Include works in English and Irish about Irish or Anglo-Irish philology and linguistics. Include also general works on Linguistics by Irish authors (e.g. Jim MacLaughlin, Marie Ni Ciosain); works in other European languages, particularly German and French, on Celtic philology and on Old Irish materials.


Send all critical or scholarly works dealing with Irish philosophy (epistemology, moral philosophy, political philosophy, philosophy of mind, etc.) and philosophers. Among the philosophers, we have a special interest in commentary on and editions of the following: John Scotus Erigena; John Toland; William Molyneux; Viscount Molesworth; Bishop Berkeley; Edmund Burke; Francis Hutcheson; Wolfe Tone; Henry Grattan; and the United Irishmen. Contemporary Irish commentators on any of these (e.g. Dermot Moran) or on modern European or Anglo-American philosophy (e.g. Richard Kearney) would also be of special interest.


Include materials of established literary merit by authors who have received critical acclaim or have received literary prizes; and other poetry published by established publishers, large or small. Include critical editions of collected works and anthologies. Include translations by critically acclaimed poets.


Include works covering all aspects of the political situation in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. Send all works relating to the conflict, the unionists, Roman Catholics, Protestants, the IRA, the Orange Order, Sinn Féin and prominent political figures.

Include also materials relating to Ireland and the European Union--the history of their relationship, analyses of various aspects of that, including European elections, economic aid, legal practices, etc. Indicate by list the Government publications in this area; this list will then be culled for selected items.


Include all major reference works, and updated or revised editions of standard reference works, such as the Dictionary of Irish Biography.


Include histories of the various Irish Christian Churches; of other religions in Ireland; of religious orders in Ireland. Include all scholarly publications by Veritas or by the Milltown Institute; all publications of a scholarly nature on the early and medieval Irish Church; theological works.

Include all works pertaining to the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland. Include all scholarly works pertaining to other denominations, e.g., Church of Ireland, Presbyterians, Methodists, etc., which are relevant to Irish ecclesiastical, social, or cultural history.

Exclude materials for schools or for children.


Include scholarly works in the following areas: education; crime; urban and rural development patterns and histories; demographics; minorities; employment patterns; the media; studies in popular culture.


Relative to the sports subject area, any approval plan should include all monographs of scholarly value treating Irish aspects of 1) sport history; 2) the sociology of sport; 3) business, economic, and legal aspects of sport; 4) sport literature and the popular media; 5) the philosophy of sport, with particular regard to moral and ethical issues.

Of secondary concern (i.e., titles must be evaluated on an individual basis) are monographs on recreation, physical education, sport and exercise psychology, and biomechanics and exercise physiology. Also of secondary concern are mass-market titles; these are evaluated on the basis of their perceived reliability as sources, as well as on the nature of their subject matter ("topical" titles published to cash in on the appeal of this year's champion or celebrity are generally avoided).


Include all works published by the Women's Resource Centre at UCD, and all scholarly works relating to Irish women's history and literature, as well as gender issues in Ireland.

Part III. Selected List of Publishers Wanted:

A. English Language:

Academica Press LLC (Maunsel & Co.)

Attic Press

Ballinakella Press

**Blackstaff Press**

Boole Press

Brandon Book Publishers

Colin Smythe (English based, but devoted to Irish literature)

Columba Press

**Cork University Press**

**Dedalus (all publications)**

Dominican Publications

**Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies**

**Economic & Social Research Institute**

Edmund Burke Publisher

Educational Company of Ireland

Field Day Publications

**Four Courts Press**

**Gallery Press**

**Gill & Macmillan**

Goldsmith Press

History House Publishing

**Institute of Irish Studies, The Queen's University of Belfast**

**Irish Academic Press**

**Lilliput Press**

**National Gallery of Ireland**

Mercier Press

New Island Publications

O'Brien Press

Ossian Publications

Poolbeg Press

**Royal Irish Academy**

**Salmon Publishing** (All publications)

**Ulster Historical Foundation**

**University College, Dublin (UCD) Press

**Veritas** (all scholarly publications)

Wolfhound Press


B. Irish Language Publishers:

An Gum

An Sagart

**Cló Chomhair**

**Cló Iar Connacht**

Clodhanna Teoranta


Eigse Oirialla

Foilseacháin Naisiúnta Teoranta

Sairseal agus Dill

** Indicates important publishers.


Part IV : Exclusions:

  1. Cookbooks
  2. Children's books
  3. Tour guides (e.g., Wolfhound tour guides), travel guides, and literature written primarily for tourists.
  4. Popular gardening books, (e.g., A Sense of Humus)
  5. Humor
  6. Highly specialized legal books
  7. Text books
  8. Genealogy
  9. Student aids or teaching manuals
  10. Self-help books
  11. Broadsides

Again, exclude all serial publications, but do notify us by approval forms of new serial titles in academic disciplines as they appear. Indicate title, publisher, frequency, and price for each.


February 16, 2001.