French Approval Plan & Form Selections


A. Book Selection:

Our aim in a French language and literature approval plan is to receive currently published titles at the undergraduate, graduate and professional readership levels. We are interested in commercial, university press, and society publishers. The countries of origin may include the United States, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, and other francophone areas (Africa, Caribbean, etc.). European publishers with U.S. offices should be noted, and "simultaneous" publications should not be duplicated in the plan.

Titles should be evaluated from CIP data, announcements, catalogs, advertisements, trade journals, and other pre-publication information (i.e Les Livres du mois or Livre Hebdo). Orders with publishers should be placed well in advance of the publication date to ensure that we receive the title as soon as it is in print.

Certain types of publications should be eliminated from the selection process: reprints, unrevised new editions, maps, music scores, government publications, journals, supplements to journals, yearbooks, popular, and non-university materials.

B. Bibliographic Control:

  1. Supplied forms:

    The prospective vendor should supply multi-part forms (at least four copies) for each title, free of charge. The forms should be supplied with each shipment. The forms should include complete bibliographic information to include: author, title, series, imprint, Library of Congress classification number, and ISBN or ISSN.

  2. Duplication: Precautions should be taken against duplication between firm orders place with the vendor and titles supplied on their approval plan. The firm order should take precedence over the approval plan. If duplication occurs, a report should be sent to the library identifying the duplicate order and cancellation of the approval title.

  3. Faculty Requests/Claiming: The library reserves the right to forward requests or to claim titles from the vendor. The vendor will evaluate the title to determine if the title has already been treated for the library or if it should be claimed with the publisher. Once this determination is made, the title will be obtained and sent in the next available shipment to the library with the request and a multi-part form for the title.

C. Reports/Accounting Documentation:

For proper management of the approval plan, reports and other accounting data are needed. On a quarterly basis, the vendor should supply a listing by LC class number of the titles supplied, the number of copies supplied, and the cost. Ideally, a similar listing including brief bibliographic information (author, title) would be helpful as well.

D. Shipping and Payment Procedures:

We request that approval shipments be shipped and invoiced separately from any firm orders that we may place with the vendor.

The shipment should be insured at the vendor's expense. The list invoice should include the following information: quantity, title, price, discount, net total, and total in U.S. dollars.

E. Return Procedures:

If we decide to return a title supplied on the approval plan, the amount of the item will be deducted from the invoice before it is processed for payment. The library is responsible for prompt return of rejected books. It should be noted that the University Libraries' of Notre Dame follows a policy in which we absorb the cost of all returns under $15.00, regardless of the source of the error. Therefore, only titles over $15.00 would be eligible for return to the vendor.


A. Starting Point: New Imprint Year

We prefer to start the approval plan at the beginning of the calendar year (1991). The new imprint year constitutes the easiest dividing line for both the vendor and the library. We are aware that we may not begin to see the arrival of shipments until late in the first quarter of the year.

We are interested in obtaining a list from the vendor for all 1990 titles supplied in the area of French language and literature from which we can make firm order selections.

B. Geographical Areas/Language

The French language and literature approval plan should include publications issued in any of the countries of the French cultural and language area. The primary language of the supplied publications should be French and English, with secondary languages including, but not limited to German, Spanish and Italian. Simultaneous publications (i.e. for european publishers who have established offices in the U.S.) should not be duplicated in the plan.

One exclusion by publisher is as follows:

**Three series from Librairie Droz --

  1. Textes Littéraires Français
  2. Publications Romanes et Françaises
  3. Travaux d'Humanisme et Renaissance

C. Author list/subject schedule

The basis for the profile is an author list, including authors from all major periods in French literary history (attached). We are interested in receiving any titles by or about the authors on this list. In conjunction, the schedule range 8. Littérature Belles Lettres from C.D.U should be consulted. We are interested in any titles falling in the following ranges:

8. Littérature Belles Lettres

80 Histoire littérature. Théorie. Critique. Correspondance
8-1 Poésie
8-2 Théátre
8-3 Romans. Nouvelles. Récit. Conte.
8-4 Essais. Eloquence. Ecrits diverse

D. Level of Selection Emphasis

The following list represents the depth of coverage given to the selection of materials for the desired approval plan:

Level I importance:

1. Texts
2. History and criticism
3. Critical editions
4. Symposia/Conferences
5. Price limit

Our current budget for FY1990-1991 is $5,000.00. While this may be a modest amount, we look to increase it in subsequent years. Therefore, we would like to set a price limit of $75.00 on any individual title. Any title exceeding this limit should be supplied on a form selection slip.

monographs - US$ 75.00 price limit
2 volume set - US$ 150.00 price limit
3 volume set - US$ 225.00 price limit, etc.

Level II importance:

6. Bibliographies and Reference works
7. Multi-volume sets
8. Dissertations


Form selection slips should be supplied for the following areas:

  1. excessive price
  2. titles marginal to the profile outlined above (i.e. Level II importance)

All materials supplied to the library on the basis of the form selections orders are billed and shipped separately from regular book shipments.

Version: 4/10/96



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