University identification cards

A valid university ID is required for all library transactions.

All faculty, administrators, staff, students, and retirees will obtain an identification card as part of their regular orientation to the University community. Each must maintain a current card for the entire period that they are affiliated with the University of Notre Dame. A valid University ID card from Notre Dame, Saint Mary's, Holy Cross and Bethel College is required for Hesburgh Libraries privileges. When the cardholder is no longer affiliated with this university or colleges, the identification cards and all library materials must be returned to their home institution.

There are two instances when an eligible cardholder will need to obtain a new card: (1) when a change in status occurs, (ex. undergraduate to Graduate) and (2) when the card expires. (Note: The expiration date varies with the status of an individual. For example, a student’s expiration date is based on their degree program. Should a student complete their degree program early, or for any other reason change their status with the University, their card privileges will be invalidated until a new card is obtained.) Replacement cards under these two scenarios are issued without charge to the individual.

Users borrowing privileges are suspended until a new identification card is obtained.

Obtaining the Student ID Card

Student ID cards are issued by and administered through the Card Services Office. The office is located on the lower level of the north entrance of South Dining Hall. The initial Student ID card is issued without charge. To request a Student ID card, a student must present to the Card Services staff a government-issued picture ID or passport and his or her University of Notre Dame ndID (nine-digit account number). The Card Services staff will verify that the Office of the Registrar has given the student an active student status. A head shot photo image of the student is taken by the Card Services staff and the ID card is then printed, encoded, laminated, and presented to the student.

Employee and Spousal ID Cards

The Office of Human Resources coordinates the issuance of University Identification Cards which serve as proof of an individual’s status with the University of Notre Dame. The front of the card includes the cardholder’s photo, full name, status with the University, the cardholder’s unique identification number (a system identification number), and the card’s expiration date. The back has a magnetically encoded strip containing an identification number used to access data via a remote online database. A cardholder is expected to carry his/her ID card at all times. Depending upon an individual’s status, the ID card provides various privileges on and off campus including meals at dining halls, check cashing, bookstore charges, access to building and residence halls, use of the University Libraries, a debit program for on-campus retail usage, vehicle discounts, and more. Temporary employees do not have library privileges.

The following University groups are eligible to receive, at no charge, a University Identification Card: faculty, administrators, staff, retirees, and students. Faculty, administrators, staff, retirees, and spouses obtain their identification cards through The Office of Human Resources, 200 Grace Hall. Students obtain their cards through Food Services in the South Dining Hall.

Questions? Please contact the Hesburgh Library Circulation/Reserve Desk, or your branch library for assistance.