Requesting a recall

Read more about the recall policy and process.

What Is a Recall?

A recall allows you to request an item someone else has on loan. Once you receive the recalled item, you can check it out for the normal loan period. (If more than one person recalled the item, then each person will be able to borrow it for two weeks.)

Fundamental to this policy is the recognition that the Library is a shared resource that relies on a spirit of collegiality and cooperation among all of its patrons.

To Place a Recall Online:

Once you’ve found the item in the Library Catalog

  1. Click "Recall item" link. (Link is next to the “Owned/Checked out” statement.) This will display a list of volumes or copies in a new window.
  2. Click the "Recall item" link next to the copy or volume you want to recall.
  3. Type your ID Barcode Number; then type your PIN Number; then click on the “go” button.
  4. From the “Recall Request” window,
    • Select the “pickup/delivery location” where you want to pick up the book.
    • You can also provide date when item is "Not Needed After" date. OPTIONAL. (Do NOT set the date for less than 15 days. If the book is returned after this date, you will not be notified.
    • Click the "Go" button.

NOTE: When you are finished press the "Reset" button to logout. Failure to logout may allow others to view your personal information.

To Place a Recall In Person:

Simply visit the Circulation Desk at the main library or any branch.

What if I am notified that someone has recalled my book?

  • The item is due within 7 days of the email notice. (Unless user has had book for less than two weeks.)
  • If you don't return a recalled item or return it late:
    • You will be subject to suspension of library privileges *
    • Continued failure to return recalled material will lead to fines being levied and ultimately to a replacement fee being charged.

* Library privileges: the library privileges that would be withdrawn are the ability to borrow any additional items from the Library’s collections and the ability to request material through the inter-library loans service.

What if someone recalls a book I borrowed and I’ve had it for less than 2 weeks?

If a library user has recently borrowed a book and a recall is placed, user will receive a notice the next day. However, the date specified for the early return of the book will allow for a guaranteed loan period of 14 days.