CHEM 23201  
  Decision Tree: ACS formatting of citation


The goal of writing a citation in a bibliography is to provide enough information to uniquely describe the item so that someone else from some other location can find it.


This decision tree assumes that you

1. are looking at something you want to cite;

2. can distinguish between an author and an editor or a book that is part of a series and one that is not part of a series;

3. are not citing government documents or presentations or computer software.

Directions: Start by reading the first question.  Answer it with either a yes or no.  Then follow the directions.Eventually you will be directed to a page with the style you need to use and examples with notes.

General questions:

1. Does the item to be cited provide the name of an author or authors?

            Yes?  Go to question 11.

            No?  Go to question 2.