Department of Agriculture

It would appear that the initial impetus for the Department of Agriculture came during and immediately after the late years of World War I; University Bulletin records show that the department existed from about 1918 through 1931. During this time, the faculty included Mr. Burton Scheib, who was Head of the Department for about eight years; Dr. Richard R. Vogt, a close friend of Father Nieuwland; James Hayward; Thomas Lieb, who was one of Rockne's trusted assistant coaches; and Brother Leo, who was known thoughout this area as a very competent stock judge. Mr. James Hayward was head from 1928 until the department was dropped, then continued his studies for the doctorate at the University of Wisconsin in the study of soybeans, and later accepted a position with the Archer-Daniels-Midland Company in Minneapolis. Dr. Richard R. Vogt remained at the University in the Department of Chemistry to continue his research in acetylene with Father Nieuwland, and to write an American Chemical Society monograph on this gas which played an important part in the history of the science college; he retired in the early fifties.

The Centennial of Science at Notre Dame 1865-1965 , pg 24.