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Academic Genealogy

Title: Photochemical Behavior of Cyclopropyl-Substituted Benzophenones and Valerophenones
Author(s): Creary, Xavier; Hinckley, Jenifer; Kraft, Casey; et al.
Source: JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Volume: 76 Issue: 7 Pages: 2062-2071 DOI: 10.1021/jo102309w Published: APR 1 2011
Times Cited: 1 (from Web of Science)
Title: gamma-Silyl Cyclobutyl Carbocations
Author(s): Creary, Xavier; Kochly, Elizabeth D.
Source: JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Volume: 74 Issue: 23 Pages: 9044-9053 DOI: 10.1021/jo901821f Published: DEC 4 2009
Times Cited: 2 (from Web of Science



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Abstracts of Papers, 234th ACS National Meeting, Boston, MA, United States, August 19-23, 2007

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Journal of Organic Chemistry (2007), 72(9), 3360-3368.

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Posted 07/24/2008