Workshop Resources

A Brief Intro to GIS
Handout (.pdf)
Creating Vectors
Handout (.pdf)
Data (.zip)
Conference Poster Design Templates
3 x 4 ft (.ppt)
3 x 5 ft (.ppt)

edX GIS Course Demo Data
Demo 1 (.zip)
Demo 2 (.zip)
Demo 3 (.zip)
Demo 4 (.zip)

Demo 5 (.zip)

Demo 6 (.zip)
Demo 7 (.zip)
Demo 8 (.zip)
Demo 9 (.zip)
Demo 10 (.zip)
Demo 11 (.zip)
Demo 12 (.zip)
Demo 13 (.zip)
Geographic Information Systems (AL / ANTH 33201 / AL 53201 / CE 33100)
Syllabus (.pdf)
Georeferencing in ArcGIS
Handout (.pdf)
Data (.zip)
GIS for PoliSci Grad Students
Data (.zip)

Time in ArcGIS
Handout (.pdf)
Data (.zip)
Using Python in ArcGIS
Data (.zip)
Introduction to LaTeX Typesetting
Introduction to One Button Studio & iMovie
Introduction to Stata (datasets, do-files)