3D Print Guidelines
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  • PC Computer Cluster

    • 8 high-performance, dual-monitor units
    • 1 Waucom interactive pen display

    Mac Station

    • 2 27" dual-boot iMacs
    • Epson DS-7500 flatbed scanner with automatic document feeder

    Teaching Laptops

    • 12 units available
    • students can use classroom pods with
      their own laptops

    GPS Devices

    • 8 Garmin eTrex 20 handheld units
    • 2 Trimble Juno 3b handheld units


    Specialty Printers

    • 3D Printer - MakerBot Replicator 2x
    • HP Design Jet T1200 PS large format color printer (available late spring semester)

    Specialty Scanners

    • Esri HD Ultra 4350i+ 42-inch wide
      color map scanner
    • Kinect (available late spring semester)

    Digitization Hardware

    • Kirtas APT2400 scanner
    • 2 Epson Expression 11000XL graphic arts scanners


    • cables/adaptors (HDMI/VGA)
    • Gyration Air Mouse/Keyboard set
    • headphones*
    • microphone*
    • scanner weights
    • webcam*
    *on order, availability pending receipt
  • Alphabetical List of Software (.pdf)

    Data Use & Analysis

    • MatLab R2013a
    • R
    • SAS
    • S-Plus
    • SPSS
    • Stata
    • Stat Transfer
    • Tableau Desktop*

    Digitization & Metadata Services

    • ABBY FineReader OCR*
    • Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator

    Text Mining & Analysis

    • ABBY FineReader OCR*
    Recommended Web Tools
    • Bamboo Dirt
    • HathiTrust
    • JSTOR Data for Research
    • TAPoRware
    • Voyant Tools


    Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

    GIS Platforms
    • ESRI ArcGIS
    • GRASS
    • Quantum GIS
    • uDig
    • Google Earth Pro
    • HyperCube
    • Sketchup
    Imagery Analysis
    • Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator
    • ENVI
    • GeoExpress
    Vector Analysis
    • GeoDa
    • FME
    *under licensing review, availability pending approval
  • Print Guidelines

    Who Can Print 3D Objects
    Production Timeframe
    Design an Object
    Submit Print Job for Production
    Watch for Notification of Production Completion
    Retrieve Printed Object


    Who Can Print 3D Objects

    Currently enrolled students and faculty/staff


    Production Timeframe

    Patrons are strongly advised to submit their files at least 5 business days in advance of important deadlines.

    • Production timeframe may vary depending upon such factors as the object's printer file itself, staff and device availability, and/or unexpected device or material issues that may arise. Thus, the CDS does not guarantee specific completion times.

    • Generally, objects are printed on a first-come, first-served basis; however, priority will be given to students printing objects related to graded assignments for a course in which they are currently enrolled.



    Supported File Types

    • .obj
    • .stl
    • .thing

    Maximum Build Size

    • X (l) 250 mm/9.8 in
    • Y (w) 160 mm/6.3 in
    • Z (h) 150 mm/5.9 in

    Available ABS Filament

    • True Blue
    • True Red
    • True White



    Price per Gram: $0.25

    • Cost will be charged to your account upon completion of print job.

      • In MakerWare, select "Preview before Printing" to see object's approximate weight in grams.
    • Failed prints due to user error will still be charged to the patron's account.
    • Failed prints due to staff error or hardware failure will not be charged to the user's account.
    • The cost to print objects that have not been retrieved within two weeks of completion will be charged to the patron's account as a library fine.


    • All patrons must comply with the University of Notre Dame Policy on the Responsible Use of Information Technology Resources (Policy 7.4). Examples of content that will not be produced includes, but is not limited to, the following:

      • Objects are in any way illegal, in violation of University rules/policies, or in violation of any applicable contracts/licenses (Policy Statement 2.1)
      • Objects that are part of production print jobs (large numbers of identical objects), as opposed to rapid prototypes (Policy Statement 2.3)
      • Objects that will be utilized for commercial purposes or for personal financial gain (2.4)
      • Objects that are obscene/offensive (except for officially approved, legitimate academic or University purposes) (Policy Statement 2.5)
      • Objects that infringe upon intellectual property rights (Policy Statement 2.6)

    • The CDS reserves the right to request written verification of University approval or assignment specifications from patrons, and/or to refuse production of content.
    • The CDS is not responsible for the functionality or quality of objects produced on the 3D printer.


    Design an Object


    Submit Print Job for Production

    3D Print Job Requisition Form


    Watch for Notification of Production Completion

    Remember to check the email account affiliated with the NetID listed on the submitted print job requisition.


    Retrieve Printed Object
    • Remember to bring your ND ID card when picking up your object.
    • Reminder: objects not retrieved within two weeks of completion will be charged to the patron's account as a fine.