New procedures were established in early 2010 for obtaining, requesting and ordering the supplies which support the work of Acquisitions, Cataloging and Serials. These procedures address the University’s directives on reducing costs wherever possible by 1) reducing the time each department’s supply person spends on that process through the new system of rotating that responsibility on a monthly basis, and 2) by reducing the total number of order requests processed through consolidating orders of general supplies for all three departments.

If you need a general supply item, check the cabinets. Each cabinet is labeled with the items contained within it, along with the name of the person handling supplies for the month.  If you find what you need, take the appropriate amount to perform your job.  At this link  you’ll find a list of all the general supplies currently stocked on a regular basis by the Libraries.

If you don’t find what you need, or if the supply is running low, use the “Order Request Form” found on the desk in the shared supply area:

Fill in sufficient item information/description for us to place your order.

It is the responsibility of the person requesting supplies to provide this information.

In case we need to clarify an order, be sure to include your initials within the provided space on the form.

All supplies received will be put away in the cabinets, not delivered to individual’s workspaces. You can check the status of your order via the request form which will be on the desk in the supply area. A check mark in the appropriate column will indicate if the item is ordered, received or back ordered.

An Office Depot Catalog is located within Cabinet 1.  Please return it when you are finished. Their website is

Special requests processing for items not on the Libraries general supply list will remain the same and handled by the supply person within your department.