Question: ALA keyboard won’t work

I upgraded to 1.2 and now I can't active the ALA keyboard. Every time I click on the "ALA" icon or Crtl+E (Enter diacritics), I get the error "Method not foundInt32 AxALAPickCrtlLib.AxALAPickCrtl.get_CrtlWidth().”

Answer: This is on the known problems list on the Connexion site:

“After upgrade, displaying the diacritics dialog results in an unhandled exception error or a blank dialog

Some users have reported problems opening the diacritics dialog after upgrading to client 1.20. This results in the error "An unhandled exception has occurred in you application ... Method not foundInt32 AxALAPickCtrlLib.AxALAPickCtrl.get_CtrlWidth()". To resolve this, exit the client, uninstall the software under Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs (all client settings are retained when you uninstall the software), reboot your workstation, and reinstall the client software. Others have reported that the dialog opens, but it is blank. Rebooting your workstation should resolve this.”

This process solved the problem for the staff member who reported it. You may want to consult your DCC if you’re not comfortable performing the fix or you run into problems.

Question: I just went to use Connexion and I’m getting a message that a new version is available and asking me if I want to upgrade now. What should I do?

Answer: For those of you who still have version 1.10 on your machine, you may get a message from OCLC informing you that version 2.10 is available and asking if you want to upgrade now. Answering "YES" will take you out to the OCLC website to download the upgrade. Please select the other option which says something like "No, remind me later". When you are ready to upgrade your client, please use the instructions available at upgrade client

You must upgrade to version 1.20 by March 1 in order for Connexion to work for you.

Question: How do I move from viewing an individual record back to the list I selected it from?

Answer: Close the individual record by one of the following methods:

Click the gray X in the upper right corner of the record pane (not the large red X! That will prompt you to logoff Connexion completely)
Enter: <CTRL>< F4>
Enter: <ALT><W><W>
Click on the Windows menu and select Close Window

Question: Is there a function key template for Connexion that I can print out for my keyboard?

Answer:  Yes, it's available at