Byzantine Studies Collection

The acquisition of the Milton V. Anastos Library of Byzantine Civilization has given Notre Dame the unique opportunity to be an international research center in Byzantine studies and strengthens significantly the resources of its Medieval Institute, the program in Early Christian Studies and the departments of Theology, Philosophy and The Classics. The Anastos Library is particulary strong in the primary sources of classical and medieval scholarship and adds to Notre Dame's holdings complete runs in more than fifty new journal titles.

The collection reflects the broad interests of Professor Anastos and his conviction that the major sources of Byzantine culture are "the tradition of ancient Greece, the legal and political institutions of pagan Rome, and Christianity," and that this culture's most notable achievements are its art (including architecture), law, and theology.

David Sullivan, Bibliographer for Classics and Byzantine Studies, administers the Byzantine Studies Collection.

For more information on the Anastos collection and Byzantine studies, please read Bringing Byzantine Studies to Notre Dame from Access: News from the University Libraries of Notre Dame (no.76, Spring 2000)