Services for EMBA Students:


"Where can I find articles about social responsibility?" "I'm trying to find 10 years' worth of balance sheet and income statement data for BP. Where can I find it?" Library staff helps answer these and many other questions in person, by phone, and via e-mail.

Research Consultations
A consultation gives you more than just an answer to a question. It provides you with a strategy and a plan of action to address your ongoing needs. Individual and group research consultations are available, by appointment, for EMBA students. Meet with a Business Librarian (select Make an Appointment from Message Type menu) to identify useful resources, search databases effectively, or just get started on your papers and projects.
International Studies Program Support

"I'm about to leave for Buenos Aires. Can you help me find information that will help with my project before I go?" Yes, and also while you're there, and when you come back! Whether you're spending two weeks in Beijing or Buenos Aires or seven weeks in Santiago, library staff is always here to help.

Book/Article Delivery (DocDel/ILL)
Library staff assist you in retrieving books and/or articles from the library and delivers them to you in the format you request. We coordinate with the EMBA office to get materials to you quickly.
Citation Support (RefWorks, etc.)
We assist you in creating and managing your references with tools like the Business Library Citation Style Guide and Refworks.