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General Overview:

2 SMARTBoard Display units with projectors (72 and 60 inches interactive display panels) 29 Windows XP OS PCs
Laptop Connection (Wireless) Conference Phone
Cordless Phone Podium
Headphones Laptops
Bloomberg Terminals equipped with Bloomberg keyboards Private Meeting Room
Flatbed Scanner Color Printer
2 Black & White Printers Fax Machine
Copier Webcams



    • Faculty and University related groups may reserve the library for instruction or group project by calling (574) 631-9098, or by sending an email to askBusLib@nd.edu
    • Students may reserve portions of the library for group study session and presentation preparation.


    • Users include members of the University community with primary service to the faculty, staff and students of the Mendoza College of Business. 
    • Access by non-University groups is permitted; however, services may be limited due to the contractual agreements in place.


    • 29 Lenovo PC's, featuring Windows7 Enterprise OS computers are available for use within the library. 
    • We also have 9 Bloomberg terminals using PC's and one terminal on a Lenovo T43 laptop
    • Additionally we have 3 IBM Lenovo T61 laptops that are available for use within the library.
    • Monitors – our PC's use either 24 inch wide flat panel monitor (BenQ G2400WD) or a dual monitor setup.
    • SmartBoard™ interactive whiteboards: Whether you're presenting, conferencing or brainstorming, you'll combine ease of use with a high-quality, shadow-free display.  SmartBoard™ utilizes DViT™ technology to render pen stokes and finger touches into mouse clicks and electronic ink. DViT technology requires no active, layered screen because the digital cameras are in a product’s corners, not in the surface. It’s ideal for rear-projection and plasma systems that demand high-quality, clear images. Optical sensors automatically detect when a stylus or the eraser is selected, while buttons activate the on-screen keyboard and right-mouse click. LEDs indicate the active tool. Four Whisper-tip styluses and an eraser are included, but you don't need special tools.  Including the SMART Board driver and SMART Notebook software, this award-winning software is available for multiple operating systems and in multiple languages. The SmartBoard™ driver activates the SmartBoard™ interactive whiteboard so that you can use your finger as a mouse or annotate over applications. SMART Notebook software saves notes written on the SmartBoard™ interactive whiteboard and includes many other capturing and editing features.  SMART Pen Tray's optical sensors automatically detect when a stylus or the eraser is selected, while buttons activate the on-screen keyboard and right mouse click. Whisper-tip styluses and eraser included.

Computer Software:

    • All library PCs have the following computer software installed:

      • Adobe Acrobat Distiller X
      • Adobe Acrobat X Pro
      • Adobe Bridge CS5
      • Adobe Contribute CS5
      • Adobe Device Central CS5
      • Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
      • Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CS5
      • Adobe Extension Manager CS5
      • Adobe Flash Professional CS5
      • Adobe Illustrator CS5
      • Adobe InDesign CS5
      • Adobe Media Encoder CS5
      • Adobe Photoshop CS5
      • Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit 2
      • Adobe Reader X
      • Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2
      • Business Plan Pro
      • CGQ
      • Datastream 5.1
      • FileZilla FTP Client
      • FreeMind
      • Front Motion Firefox
      • Google Chrome
      • IBM SPSS Statistics
      • InfraRecorder
      • iTunes
      • Internet Explorer
      • JGS - ForecastX Wizard 7.3
      • LastPass
      • Math Type 6
      • Microsoft Office 2010 (Access, Excel, InfoPath Designer, InfoPath Filler, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, SharePoint Workspace, Word, Office 2010 Tools
      • Microsoft Silverlight
      • NetBeans
      • NotePad++
      • Open AFS
      • Palisade Decision Tools
      • PuTTY
      • Python 2.7
      • QuickTime
      • R
      • Refworks
      • Respondus
      • SAILS
      • SAS
      • Sassafrass K2
      • SharePoint
      • Stata IC12
      • TechSmith - Jing
      • Windows Live Messenger, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, Media Player
      • XPS Viewer



Print Materials: 

    • Printed materials are limited to those supporting the library collection, databases or services. The MBA Career Library is available in the Mahaffey Business Library.