BIC Course  Reserve Services

BIC staff processes books, articles or other media you would like placed on class reserve either in the BIC or virtually through e-Reserves.

Print Reserves

You may drop your list off personally, send an email with your requests to or use the appropriate online form

Dot  Book Form                Dot  Photocopy Form   

( All photocopies will be processed as e-Reserves)

Be sure to choose Business Information Center   as your holding location. Include the complete name and course number of the class and the preferred loan period. Our staff will process your requests and make the list available for viewing in the Notre Dame Libraries Reserve Catalog.

We are unable to accept material for classes numbered 100 and 200 due to space constraints. Students of the larger classes are better served using the Hesburgh Library Course Reserve service.

Electronic Reserves

You may also want to consider using the Library’s “Electronic Course Reserves” service for your reserve materials. With this service your students can have web access to your reserve material anytime and anywhere.

BIC staff will set up a Course Readings Page which is accessible by students registered for your course.  Articles, handouts, book chapters and persistent URLs are materials that will become a part of your Course Reading Page.

For more information visit the Reserve Book Room web site, contact BIC staff at 631-9098 or email us at