Library Services to MCoB:

In May 2007 the Mahaffey Business Library staff conducted it first satisfaction survey. Since we serve the entire MCoB, the survey was sent to everyone within the College except students. Students are surveyed each semester via the Patron Satisfaction Survey. We emulated the MCoB Information Technology (MIT) group in conducting and reporting the results. The results are attached.

The results were very satisfying. Overall the rating from those using our services were within the range of Satisfied and Very Satisfied. Two areas, both concerning the tangible collections housed in the Hesburgh Library building, had lower ratings. These may be areas for further exploration.

From the comments received, the following areas warranted further investigation:

  • Book collection as to the need for more books & the process for recommending purchases.
  • Currentness of some data sources
  • Slowness of delivery of InterLibrary Loan materials
  • The presence of the library within the MCoB, a more robust facility (research and study)

It was noted that a significant number of the College users have never used many of our capabilities but also did NOT want to be contacted by the librarians. It will be a challenge to make sure that MCoB faculty and staff are aware of the services without being too intrusive. I suspect this will be an ongoing conversation and education process.

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