Resources for Library Student Workers

Library Priorities

  • Students are to report to work on time and work their posted hours.
  • Make sure that all books are checked in and/or out properly.
  • Identify any new materials that need processing.
  • Keep track of your hours and the work that you have done on and excel spreadsheet.

Shelving Books

Checking Out Materials

  1. Make sure book has a book pocket and check out card
  2. Write name of borrower on check out card with return date (one week later)
  3. File card in call number order until return

Checking In Materials

  1. Locate check-out card for item
  2. Cross out borrower's name and replace card in book pocket
  3. Re-shelve the book according to call number order

Searching the Library Catalog for System Records

  1. Search the ND Library Catalog by title (exclude the article)
  2. If the title does not come up search by the author's last and first name
  3. If the book is located by title or author click on 'Display Full Record'
  4. Verify that the publication information (i.e. date and publisher) match the book in hand
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the record and locate the 'System Number'
  6. Write the System Number and Call Number in pencil on the upper right corner of the first page of the book
  7. Record the System Number on a spreadsheet
  8. Place the book in the section awaiting marking according to call number order


  1. Search WorldCat by author last name and keyword from title of book
  2. Once a match is found click on the title of the book
  3. Scroll down to 'Accession No: OCLC:' and locate the number
  4. Write the OCLC # in pencil on the upper right corner of the first page of the book - make sure to note that it is the OCLC number
  5. Record the OCLC number on a spreadsheet
  6. Place the book in the section awaiting call numbers and marking

When you Find a Book that Says it is in the Catalog

  1. Check to see if there is a corresponding spine label and book jacket/check out card labels
  2. If so, adhere the labels and follow directions below
  3. If not, place the book on a shelf awaiting labeling, add to your spreadsheet, and email me the spreadsheet when it is full.

Applying Spine Labels and Book Pockets

  1. All books must have spine labels and books pockets before they are placed on the completed shelves
  2. Locate the spine label and matching book - make sure that the call number and book are EXACT matches
  3. Place the spine label at the very bottom of the spine of the book - the label can be trimmed to fit the spine if it does not cut off the call number
  4. Iron the label to adhere to the spine
  5. Find matching book pocket and check out card labels
  6. Apply labels to book pocket and check out card
  7. Affix the book pocket to the inside of the back cover of the book
  8. Shelve the book according to call number

Processing New Materials

  • When new materials arrive they need to be separated into two groups - those with labels and those without.
  • With Labels

    • Search the online catalog to make sure that they are listed as being located in the Rome Library.
    • Email Jennifer the system number.
    • Shelve the books according to call numbers.
  • Without Labels
    • Search the catalog to see if they are listed.
    • If listed, send Jennifer the system number and call number.
    • If not listed, send the title and publishing information.
    • Place on shelf awaiting call numbers.

Excel Spreadsheets

  • HOURS - Record your hours and the nature of the work that you did for the day on an excel spreadsheet similar to the one below. Hours will be collected monthly.
  • Rome Student Hours - PDF