Charles Correa:
Solving Issues facing Third-World Countries

Charles Correa
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Charles Correa has been a practicing architect for more than fifty years, working in India and around the world. His focus is on third-world countries and the specific issues they encounter. Raised in India and educated in the West during the era of Le Corbusier, Correa seeks to balance the ideas of traditional India with the desire of the Indian people to become more modern, contemporary with the western world. His many projects range from low-income housing, including alternative slum designs, to high-end resorts. They encompass everything from small-scale residential units to urban plans spanning entire cities, including plans for New Mumbai and for the Salt Lake City Center in Calcutta which was recently finished. A new exhibit in the School of Architecture Library is currently showcasing Charles Correa and his work, including several of Correa’s monographs as well as images from many of his projects. This exhibit was created by fourth year architecture student Katie Springstead.