Gift Review Cycles and Scheduling

Historically, gift review for daily receipt or small donations has been provided on a two week review cycle for those materials processed and staged in the Gifts Unit Office, Hesburgh Library Room 537. Materials accumulate unpredictably and at different rates on the gift review shelves. While a two week display guideline generally is applied, workflow has changed to address the variability in volume of materials received.

Selectors will receive a Microsoft Outlook Calendar request for a meeting with Gifts to review the materials. In lieu of a meeting request, an email may also be sent informing the selector that materials are ready to review. Please note, an email or meeting request will only be sent out when there are materials to review.

Gifts staff recognizes that individual work preferences exist. Selectors can ask to be notified in many ways when materials are ready for review:

  • Schedule the time for review via Outlook Calendar.
  • Call ahead (1-7642) to make sure someone will be in the Gifts Unit Office.
  • Be spontaneous: Just stop by!

Materials are not to be removed from the Gifts Unit Office. Workstations are available for the selectors to use, should additional research on materials be needed