Rare Books & Special Collections


The Department of Rare Books and Special Collections (RBSC) is located on the SW corner of the first floor of the Hesburgh building, directly off the main concourse.

Use of the RBSC reading room reference area may be requested for academic functions and events relating to the department’s holdings, such as lectures, seminars and readings.

  • Events which will generate noise and/or activities which could be disruptive to patrons will not be permitted.

  • Requests to reserve the entire RBSC space must be approved by the department head and may only be requested during non-peak hours.

  • Any events scheduled to finish after 5:00 pm will require that arrangements be made for RBSC staff to stay and close the department.

  • Requests for events with anticipated receptions must be approved by the RBSC department head before requesters place their own catering orders. Approved receptions must also abide by RBSC’s policies on food and beverage in the department.

  • The standard configuration of RBSC for lectures is 3 rows of chairs facing a table-top podium (see South 30 or South 50 diagrams). In accordance with the Special Collections’ usage policies, guests are asked to stow their coats and belongings in the departmental cloakroom.

Note: Please plan on a 15-minute session with department support prior to your reservation if you are a new user of the room.


  • Screen
  • Digital projector with remote (project via BYO laptop or provided Mac laptop)
  • Table-top podium
  • Request Reservation

    Reservable by: Faculty, Staff
    : 30 - 50

    Contact: Debra Dochuk or James Cachey