Room 247


This room is reserved for Library use Monday through Friday from 8 AM - 5 PM. It may be requested for meetings or events during evenings and weekends.

Room 247 is the Library's largest PC lab with 26 Windows 7 PCs and additional space for laptops at tables in the back as needed.

A favorite with instructors, the lab has dual projectors and screens, and dual-monitors at the lecterns.

The front half of the room is configured as a computer lab and cannot be reconfigured. The back half of the room has tables and chairs that can be reconfigured to accommodate additional attendees, or can be used as its own stand-alone small group meeting space for 8 (up to 12 people).

Note: Please plan on a 20-minute session with technical support prior to your reservation if you are a new usser of the room. If you plan to project to multiple screens, please plan for a 30-minute tech support session.


Front of Room

  • 2 ceiling-mounted projectors
    • Left screen is standard projection screen
    • Right screen doubles as white board
  • Wall-mounted speakers
  • Computers
    • 1 Lenovo desktop PC at lectern
      • Left monitor is 24" SmartPodium with standard resolution (1280 x 800)
      • Right monitor is 23" with standard resolution (1280 x 800)
    • 25 x Lenovo "Tiny" PCs
  • Laser pointer and PowerPoint slide controller

Back of Room

  • Projection screen
  • Computer: laptop connected to projector via VGA
  • Black/White Xerox 2350 printer
  • Furniture
    • 4 tables arranged in a square
    • 8 chairs (4 additional available upon request)
    • Projector on moveable cabinet

Request Reservation

Reservable by: Faculty, Staff
: 25 at PCs | 8-12 at back table
Diagrams: Standard | Alternate
Contact: Administrative Office