The Institute for Latino Studies announces the installation of a new fresco at the Hesburgh Library.

The Hesburgh Library has received a new fresco commissioned for the University by the Institute for Latino Studies; the Snite Museum of Art; the Boehnen Fund for Excellence in the Arts, the Institute for Scholarship in the Arts; and Multicultural Student Programs and Services.

New Mexican artist Frederico Vigil painted the 6’ x 4’ fresco, which is prominently displayed in the library lobby. Commissioned during the fall of 2011, the cosponsors wanted to commemorate the University’s commitment to advancing the education and inclusion of Latino peoples and other underserved populations.

The fresco was completed in late May of 2012, and has been drying until it could be moved to its permanent location. The cosponsors chose the lobby of the Hesburgh Library in consultation with the artist and after a review of several proposed sites on campus.

The fresco will be titled in accordance with a naming process requested by the artist. The title will be announced during a dedication/blessing ceremony that will take place in the Hesburgh Auditorium on Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 5:30 p.m.

Dedication Ceremony

Guest Artist: Frederico Vigil

The Hesburgh Auditorium
Thursday, November 15, 2012
5:30-7:00 p.m.

Reception will follow in the Library Concourse

You are invited to attend the Dedication Ceremony and Blessing of the Frederico Vigil Fresco, a new work of art celebrating Notre Dame’s commitment to outstanding leadership in advancing higher education.

Frederico Vigil (b. 1946) is an Indo-Hispano Nuevo Mexicano. He has traced his roots in the state back through twelve generations. Frederico grew up on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, a road of dirt that ran next to a ditch full of fish. Today Canyon Road is very famous, known for being one of the country’s most vibrant artist communities.

In the 1980’s Frederico had the opportunity to intern with Lucienne Bloch and her husband Stephen Pope Dimitroff who had learned the art of Buon Fresco or true fresco from Diego Rivera. They were in there 70s and 80s and wanted to pass this tradition on to the next generation. Lured by the mystic and the fact that fresco is public art, he decided to make fresco his life’s mission.

Frederico painted the fresco on the campus of Notre Dame, in May of 2012. It is now prominently displayed in its permanent location, the lobby of the Hesburgh Library. In accordance with the artist’s wishes, the title will be announced during the ceremony.

Frederico’s visit and commissioned fresco was made possible through the generosity of the following: Institute for Latino Studies, Boehnen Fund for Excellence in the Arts through the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts in the College of Arts and Letters; Snite Museum of Art; and Multicultural Student Programs and Services.

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