Scott VanJacob 2009 Foik award winner

This year’s Foik Award recipient has worked with distinction on the national and international levels, while contributing significantly to the development and success of the University libraries through effective vision, thoughtful leadership and mentoring of colleagues.

With skill, knowledge, persistence, and patience he has developed world-class collections that facilitate teaching and research in his subject areas. One member of the teaching faculty stated that “without his vision, dedication and sheer hard work we would not be able to run a graduate program in Latin American history.”

This librarian’s leadership roles in national organizations such as the Association of Research Libraries and the Center for Research Libraries have won the praise of colleagues across the country and beyond our borders. He has facilitated resource sharing among numerous research libraries, thus ensuring the acquisition and preservation of a substantial portion of that Latin American publishing output.

Recognized scholar, energetic leader, teacher, valued colleague, Scott Van Jacob clearly exemplifies the ideal of the Foik Award.